Art Show
Be sure to participate in the 3rd Annual INTA Art Show.  Either show your works of art (we accept all art from paintings to photography to jewelry and much more), display your recent publications at the art show, or stop by to browse the gallery during your free time. 

The INTA art gallery will be located in the convention center. Discover the unexpected and unknown artistic talents of INTA volunteers and staff.

If you have artwork that you would like to display at the show, you are encouraged to submit your work online by Friday, March 23. Your work will also be featured in a virtual gallery accessible through the INTA website by INTA members and Annual Meeting attendees. Participation is open to all registered attendees and registered guests of the Annual Meeting; immediate family members and colleagues of registered attendees may also submit artwork but need not be present at the Annual Meeting. 

Additional information for artists who wish to have their work shown in the INTA Art Gallery:

  • You may exhibit up to three (3) pieces of your original artwork (INTA will make the final display decisions, and space is limited). Space restrictions apply. Note: If you wish to display a publication, please email Stuart Ruff, Senior Meetings Planner, at
  • Final acceptance for display in the INTA Art Gallery is contingent upon the artist's acceptance of the show rules and regulations, which you may find in the Apply to Exhibit link below.
  • You must submit high resolution JPEG images of your art for consideration.
  • INTA is comprised of members from more than 190 countries and even more cultures, and the Annual Meeting is an international event. Therefore, INTA reserves the right to accept or reject any piece of art that may be inappropriate for its diverse audience.
  • Participants are responsible for insuring and shipping all artwork to and from Washington D.C.
  • INTA will not facilitate the sale of the art work, nor will it publish your asking sale price, but INTA will provide the artist's contact information on each displayed art piece to facilitate possible sales, if applicable. 
  • The deadline to submit artwork is Friday, March 23.

For more information, please contact Stuart Ruff, Senior Meetings Planner, at