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‚ÄčIn and Around Phoenix

Things are different in the desert. The sky is bigger. The stars are brighter. The sunsets stop you in your tracks.

It’s a feeling that can’t be conjured, landscaped or kindled with twinkling bulbs. America’s sixth-largest city still has real cowboys and rugged mountains and the kind of cactus most people see only in cartoons. Phoenix is the gateway to the Grand Canyon, and its history is a testament to the spirit of ancient Pueblo people and of ranchers, miners and visionaries.
The Visit Phoenix website provides an overview of the entire “Valley of the Sun” and includes helpful links to other tourism resources of interest. 

Climate and Dress

Phoenix’s average temperature in November is 62°F (16°C) and the average low temperature at night is 53°F (12°C).  
Business casual attire is encouraged for the meeting. Meeting rooms are well air-conditioned and the inside temperature might be slightly warmer or cooler than you find comfortable. Therefore, it is suggested that you dress in layers (light jackets and/or shawls are a good idea to have with you).



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