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About Panama

Panama City is a safe, vibrant and tropical location for the Leadership Meeting and reminiscent of previous host cities. With its dazzling blue coastline and breathtaking skyscrapers, Panama offers its visitors a unique cultural, yet cosmopolitan experience that will make this Leadership unlike any other. The city is easily accessible and provides many attractions for visitors when they are not attending the meeting. Registrants can stroll through the Old Town and enjoy its numerous open air cafés, take a cruise on the Panama Canal, discover the diverse Panamanian culture or be adventurous and explore the many ecotourism opportunities (don’t miss the sea turtles or starfish in San Blas!).

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Panama City

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Throughout most of the year, the daytime temperatures in Panama can be in the high 80s (26.7°C) to low 90s (32.2°C), and at night things cool down to around 70 degrees (21.1°C). In the tropics, rain can fall throughout the year, but the duration of rainfall is usually short.


U.S. Dollars should be used in Panama and is the day-to-day currency. The Balboa is the official currency and you may receive change in the form of the Balboa coin. One Balboa is equivalent to one U.S. Dollar.


The meeting encourages business casual attire. Meeting rooms are well air-conditioned, and the inside temperature might be slightly warmer or cooler than you find comfortable. Therefore, it is suggested that you dress in layers.

Denizens of Panama City dress well in spite of the heat, meaning no flip-flops, shorts, or tank tops. Many better restaurants will not serve patrons in shorts, women included. In resort or beach areas, and in smaller towns with a large expat presence like Boquete, casual wear is okay.


110-120 Volts (Same as U.S./Canada).

Etiquette and Customs

Panamanians usually greet each other with a light kiss on the right cheek, but they are accustomed to North American habits and most likely will greet you with a handshake if they know you're from outside Panama or if you are in a business environment.

Punctuality is appreciated in business settings, but don't be surprised if your Panamanian guest shows up 30 or 45 minutes late for a dinner party. In business settings, always begin a conversation with light talk before getting to the point. When entering a room, you are expected to greet everyone either individually or as a group.


The official language of Panama is Spanish, however, many speak English.

Sales Tax

The sales tax is 7% and called ITBMS. It is excluded from medicine, food and school supplies.


Taxis are one of the easiest ways to get around town. Taxis do not have a meter; fares are set by the authorities and are determined based on what section of the city you begin and end your ride. The driver has a table that shows the costs for the fare and must show you upon request. Cab drivers do not expect tips for routine rides, but if the taxi is rented for the day (around $20–$25) they will expect a tip and/or lunch.


Tipping at restaurants is common place and tips usually range from 15%-20% depending on quality of service.


Discover Panama by Luna Tours

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Discover Panama can be found at Tocumen Airport (arrivals), Radisson Decapolis (ground level) and Hard Rock Hotel Panama Megapolis (lobby level).

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