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1:15 PM–3:15 PM

TSA01 3D Printing: A True Challenge to IP rights and How To Defend Against 3D Printing Piracy
Michael Best, BEST Rechtsanwaelte (Germany)
TSA02 Changes and Challenges in Practice after the Implementation of New Trademark Law in China
Mingming Yang, Wan Hui Da Intellectual Property Agency (China)
TSA03 Practical Consequences of Convergence Programs: Harmonization of Policies at EUIPO and National Trademark Offices in the EU
Ellen Gevers, Knijff Trademark Attorneys (Netherlands)
TSA04 Enforcement Perspectives: Multi-Faceted Strategic Anticounterfeiting Programs
Amice Van der Burg, John Wilson Partners, Attorneys-at-Law & Notaries Public, Patent and Trademark Attorneys (Sri Lanka)
TSA05 Keeping Your Clients Out of Hot Water: Avoiding False Advertising Claims
Susan M. Natland, Knobbe, Martens, Olson & Bear, LLP (United States)
TSA06 Here, Now and After: Effective Networking at the Annual Meeting
Marina Stipanac, Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall LLP (Canada)
TSA07 Importance of Customs Protection in the Heart of South America: The Tri-Border Area (TBA) between Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina
Karina Pineiro, Berkemeyer, Attorneys & Counselors (Paraguay)
TSA08 Intellectual Property: Tax Regimes in Hong Kong and the PRC
Victor Ng, Oldham, Li & Nie (Hong Kong SAR, China)
TSA09 IP Management Software for Trademark Administrators: How to Choose the Right One for You and How to Implement the Same
Yvonne Davis, Intel Corporation (United States)
TSA10 IP Mediation in the EU: One Community Legislation Versuses Different Domestic Practices
Loredana Mansi, Metroconsult S.r.l. (Italy)
TSA11 Legal Implications of 3D Printing and Change in Legislation in Your Country
Pooja Dodd, Lex Orbis Intellectual Property Practice (India)
TSA12 Licensing IP to China: How to Tackle Challenges Regarding Transfer Pricing by the PRC Tax Authorities
Anna Chan, Oldham, Li & Nie (Hong Kong SAR, China)
TSA13 Opposition and Cancellation Action in Latin America
Barbara Dollstadt, Berkemeyer, Attorneys & Counselors (Paraguay)
TSA14 Name Defense under EUTM Law: Use of Personal or Company Names that Conflict with Registered Trademarks
Andreas Ebert-Weidenfeller, Meissner Bolte & Partner GbR (Germany)
TSA15 Protecting Trademarks in the Virtual Business World: The Menace of Infringing AdWords
Disha Dewan, RK Dewan & Co (India)
TSA16 Proving Goodwill and Secondary Meaning in a Trademark in Today's Digital Era
Eran Liss, Adin-Liss Law Offices (Israel)
TSA17 Right of Publicity in Sports
Jose Roberto Herrera, HERRERA DIAZ ABOGADOS (Colombia)
TSA18 Prosecution and CustomsStrategies for Maximizing Protection of Intellectual Property Assets in Arabic Countries
Bahia Al Yafi, Grant Thornton Alyafi IP Group (Qatar)
TSA19 Take a Deep Breath, Count to Three…and Let’s See How to Deal with the Protection of Well-Known and Famous Trademarks in Latin America (In Spanish)
Antonio Varas, Porzio, Rios & Associates (Chile)
TSA20 Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in the African Region: National Legislations Versuses International Treaties
Nkemakonam Judith Isiozor, Jackson, Etti, Edu & Co. (Nigeria)
TSA21 The Key Drivers to Consider in IP Valuation
Ian Bishop, IP21 Limited (United Kingdom)
TSA22 Ten Key Components of Canada's New Trademark Legislation: Bridging the Gap with the Rest of the World
Jennifer McKay, Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall LLP (Canada)
TSA23 Trademark Issues with Wearables: Where Fashion Meets Technology
Sonia Lakhany, Lakhany Law, PC (United States)
Pankaj Raval, Law Offices of Pankaj S. Raval (United States)
TSA24 Trademarks before Customs in Latin America: Is It Working?
Bernard W. Malone, Baker & McKenzie (Argentina)
TSA25 Valuation of the Damages in Trademark Infringement: National Approaches in the EU
Carolina Montero, Abril Abogados, S.L.P. (Spain)
TSA26 Benefits of the Madrid Protocol From a Brand Owner’s Perspective
Catherine Mennenga, General Electric Company (United States) 
Sabine Vischer-Kippenhahn, Zwilling J.A. Henckels AG (Germany)

9:00 AM–11:00 AM

TS01 Acting Against Online and Offline Facilitators of Trademark Infringement
Maarten Schut, Kennedy Van der Laan N.V. (Netherlands)
TS02 An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure: Key Elements for Brand Protection and Social Media Policies
Lorraine M. Fleck, Fleck & Chumak LLP (Canada)
TS03 Domain Name Enforcement Strategies: Anticybersquatting
Steve M. Levy, FairWinds Partners LLC (United States)
TS04 Canada: Joining the Madrid Protocol and the Implications for Domestic and Non-Domestic Applicants
Colleen Spring Zimmerman, Fogler, Rubinoff LLP (Canada)
TS05 Commercial, Social and Cultural Implications of Brands in Movies, Television and Social Network
Aamna Hasan, Vutts & Associates LLP, Advocates (India)
TS06 Community Trade Marks: Back to the Fundamentals 20 Years After
Mara Mondolfo, Societa' Italiana Brevetti (Italy)
TS07 Effective Customs Protection Measures in China: Confine the Problem Within the Border
Alan Chi Wai Chiu, Hogan Lovells (Hong Kong SAR, China)
TS08 Tips on Prosecuting TM Applications before the USPTO
Tomas Y. Vlcek, United States Patent and Trademark Office (United States)
Jennifer Williston, United States Patent and Trademark Office (United States)
TS09 How to Prevent Malicious Pre-Emptive Trademark Filing in China under the New Trademark Law
Yongjian Lei, Wan Hui Da Intellectual Property Agency (China)
TS10 How to Take Advantage of the Andean Community Trademark Provisions
TS11 Immediate Dangers of Promiscuity in Trademark Licensing
Max Vern, Amster, Rothstein & Ebenstein, LLP (United States)
TS12 In-House IP Team Infrastructure Efficiencies for Cost-Effective Operations
Michelle Francis, The Francis Company (United States)
TS13 International Online Piracy: A Look at the Problem and Solutions Around the World in 2016
Darren Meale, Simmons & Simmons LLP (United Kingdom)
TS14 ISP Liability for Trademark Infringement: A Comparative Perspective
Beatrice Martinet, Sideman & Bancroft (United States)
TS15 Lost in Translation: Best Practices for Adapting a Trademark for a Foreign Market
Matthew Asbell, Ladas & Parry LLP (United States)
TS16 Nontraditional Trademarks: A Global Perspective on Registration Requirements
Roxana Sullivan, Dennemeyer & Associates, LLC (United States)
TS17 Packaging Look-a-Likes under EU Law: A Trademark Infringement or Unfair Business Practice?
Paula Johanna Sailas, BERGGREN GROUP (Finland)
TS18 Practicing in the Cloud: Ethical Hurdles and Best Practices
Meera Sankhari, Jupiter Law Partners (India)
TS19 Nontraditional Marks in Canada: Challenges and Opportunities under the New Trademarks Act
Graham Alexander Hood, Smart & Biggar/Fetherstonhaugh (Canada)
TS20 Protection of Well-Known Marks in South Asia by the Courts
Salman Ahmed Sheikh, Sheikh Brothers, Advocates & Attorneys (Pakistan)
TS21 INTA From a Past President's Perspective
J. Scott Evans, Adobe Systems Incorporated (United States)
Jomarie B. Fredericks, Rotary International (United States)
TS22 Special Issues of Trademarks Containing the Name and/or Image of Well-Known Cities and Buildings; Application and Use of These Trademarks
Martina Taxhet, Taxhet IP GbR (Germany)
TS23 The Territoriality Problems in IP Infringement Through the Internet: Recent Developments
Ignacio Temino Ceniceros, Abril Abogados, S.L.P. (Spain)
TS24 Trademarks and Parody: When Does the Fun Stop?
Claudia Csáky, Graf & Pitkowitz Rechtsanwälte GmbH (Austria)
TS25 Using Surveys to Measure Product Usage, Attitudes and Damages in Trademark, Copyright and Patent Matters
Bruce Isaacson, MMR Strategy Group (United States)
TS26 How to Register and Enforce Trade Dress Features in the U.S. and Europe
Anne Hiaring Hocking, Donahue Fitzgerald LLP (United States) 
Anne Desmousseaux, ADminister (France)

12:00 PM–2:00 PM

TS50 Design Rights in Fashion Law
Jonathan Goins, Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard and Smith, LLP (United States)
TS51 New Level of Trademark Protection in Georgia after Signing a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) with the EU
Nikoloz Gogilidze, Georgian Patent Office "Sakpatenti" (Georgia)
TS52 Here, Now and After: Effective Networking at the Annual Meeting
Marina Stipanac, Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall LLP (Canada)
TS53 3D Objects: How to Best Protect under Trademark Law in China
Xuemin Chen, Zhongzi Law Office (China)
TS54 Bad-Faith Finding in China: Different Positions of the Chinese Trademark Examiners and Judges
William Wenquan Yang, Panawell & Partners, LLC (China)
TS55 Best Practices When Instructing and Working with Global Associates
Scott Moran, Duncan Cotterill Lawyers (New Zealand)
TS56 Brand Breached! Data Privacy and Cybersecurity: Turning Brand Problems into Brand Opportunities
Brian J. McGinnis, Barnes & Thornburg LLP (United States)
TS57 Consumer Confusion and Heuristics
Daniel R. Bereskin, Bereskin & Parr LLP (Canada)
Mark McKenna, Notre Dame Law School (United States)
TS58 Dealing with IP Trolls
Alvaro Ramirez-Bonilla, B&R Latin America IP LLC (Colombia)
TS59 Fighting Fakes in Frontier Economies: Emerging Market Countries Beyond the BRICS
William Mansfield, ABRO Industries, Inc. (United States)
TS60 Geographical Indications: Challenges that Resulted from Amendments in Lisbon Agreement
Laura Collada, Dumont Bergman Bider & Co., S.C. (Mexico)
TS61 Home Away From Home: Expatriate Trademark Practitioners
Marc Phillip Bodner, Bodner Flom (Israel)
TS62 How Real is the Protection for a Well-Known Trademark Abroad?
Guillermo Andres Navarro Romero, MUNOZ Abogados / IURISMARK (Colombia)
TS63 Enforcement Strategies to Pursue Legal Action Against Infringers and Oversee investigation Schemes
Munir Suboh, Al Tamimi & Company, Advocates & Legal Consultants (United Arab Emirates)
TS64 Mediation Preparation: Do´s and Don´ts
Carsten Albrecht, FPS Fritze Wicke Seelig (Germany)
TS65 New Labeling and Advertising Restrictions on Food Products: A Fair Limit on IP Rights to Combat Obesity?
Oscar Molina, Albagli Zaliasnik (Chile)
TS66 New Models for Staffing and Fee Structures: Overcoming Capacity Limitations and Reducing Costs
Jayne Elizabeth Durden, CPA Global (United Kingdom)
TS67 Nexus Between Advertising and Intellectual Property Rights
Aaina Sethi, Chadha & Chadha, An Intellectual Property Law Firm (India)
TS68 Opposition System and its Inclusion in the Mexican Legal Framework
Carolina Ponce, Uhthoff, Gomez Vega & Uhthoff, S.C. (Mexico)
TS69 Protection Against Commercial Exploitation of Human Identity Through Trademark and Right of Publicity Law: Comparing Protection in the U.S. with Protection in France and the European Union
Evelyne Suzanne Roux, Regimbeau (France)
Brewster Taylor, Stites & Harbison, PLLC (United States)
TS70 Protection and Enforcement of Trademarks in the Era of Social Media: Tips, Tricks, and #Fails
Roxanne Edwards, Klemchuk LLP (United States)
Melissa Gray, Klemchuk LLP (United States)
TS71 The Concept of Non-Use: Theory and Practice
Chinyere Anayo Okorocha, Jackson, Etti, Edu & Co. (Nigeria)
TS72 Trademark Cancellation Actions for Lack of Use in Argentina
Diego Palacio, Palacio & Asociados (Argentina)
TS73 Trademark Infringement Through Social Media in Latin America
Valeria Carron, Berkemeyer, Attorneys & Counselors (Paraguay)
TS74 Understanding Wine Labels: What is the Meaning of All That Gibberish?
Paul W. Reidl, Law Office of Paul W. Reidl (United States)

8:00 AM–10:00 AM

TM01 Advertising and Social Media Compliance Realities
Brooke Erdos Singer, Davis & Gilbert LLP (United States)
TM02 Application of International and National Unfair Competition Laws in Trademark Disputes in the Russian Federation
Alexey Andreevich Gorodissky, Andrey Gorodissky & Partners (Russian Federation)
TM03 Due Diligence Preparation for the Trademark Professional in the FIFA/FCPA Era
Bruce Horowitz, Paz Horowitz, Abogados (Ecuador)
TM04 Community Trade Mark: Changes Brought by the EUTM Legal Reform
José Antonio Garrido, EUIPO (Spain)
TM05 Cost Effective Methods for Controlling Your Domain Space
Jeremiah Johnston,, LLC (United States)
TM06 Counterfeit, Grey Market and Parallel Imported Goods on Internet Auction Sites
Simon Kneebone, Banki Haddock Fiora (Australia)
TM07 Current Trends in Third-Party Liability: Landlords, ISPs and Beyond
Robertson Drake Beckerlegge, Baker & Hostetler LLP (United States)
TM08 Dependency Clause in the Madrid System: Keep It or Drop It? Pros and Cons of Article 6
Angelica Torrigiani Malaspina, Societa' Italiana Brevetti (Italy)
TM09 Fashion Licensing: Best Practices in Negotiating and Drafting Agreements
Ellie Altshuler, Nixon Peabody LLP (United States)
TM10 Protecting Industrial Designs Internationally: The Geneva Act (1999) of the Hague Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Industrial Designs
Gregoire Bisson, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) (Switzerland)
TM11 Hot Topics in Social Media
Stephen Jadie Coates, Twitter, Inc. (United States)
TM12 Lost in Translation: The Impact of Language Laws on Trademarks
François Larose, Bereskin & Parr LLP (Canada)
TM13 Non-Patent Protection of Designs: Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket!
Garfield Goodrum, Jr., Garfield Goodrum, Design Law (United States)
TM14 Pop Culture Trademark Protection for Hashtags, Song Lyrics and Nicknames
Jocelyn M. Belloni, Venable LLP (United States)
TM15 INTA from a Board Member Perspective
Susan Brady Blasco, Muncy, Geissler, Olds & Lowe, P.C. (United States)
Laura Ganoza, Foley & Lardner LLP (United States)
TM16 Registering Certification Marks Around the World
Michael Carey, CSA Group (Canadian Standards Association) (Canada)
TM17 Right of Publicity: Why the Current System is Problematic and What You Can Do About It
Lynne Boisineau, McDermott Will & Emery LLP (United States)
TM18 Rise of the New Age: New Generic Top Level Domain Names- Convenience or Confusion
Sara Freixa, CSC Digital Brand Services (United States)
Gretchen Olive, CSC Digital Brand Services (United States)
TM19 Searching and Beyond
Barbara Barron Kelly, Corsearch (United States)
TM20 Sending a Message in a Trademark: Not Deceiving Consumers When Using a Sign as a Trademark
Linnea Harnesk, IPQ IP Specialists AB (Sweden)
TM21 The Impact of the Madrid Protocol on Latin American Countries
Nidia Osorio, BM ABOGADOS (Colombia)
TM22 The Madrid Protocol in Latin America: A Practical Perspective
Raquel Flanzbaum, Mitrani, Caballero, Ojam & Ruiz Moreno (Argentina)
TM23 Trademark Issues Regarding 3D Printing
Neil Wilkof, Dr. Eyal Bressler Ltd. (Israel)
TM24 U.S. Trademark Basics for Non-U.S. Practitioners
Martin J. Beran, Ostrolenk Faber LLP (United States)
TM25 Working Smart with Marketing Professionals on Trademark Matters
Ashley Krause, RE/MAX, LLC (United States)
TM26 You Want My What? Social Media Enforcement Procedures
Angelo E. P. Mazza, Gibney Anthony & Flaherty, LLP (United States)

          1:15 PM–3:15 PM            

TM50 Ambush Marketing by Use of Athletes Images, Names or Likeness: Experiences of Past Events and a Preview of the 2016 Olympics
Matias Fernando Noetinger, Noetinger & Armando (Argentina)
TM51 Brand Due Diligence: Tools and Techniques for Supporting Successful Brand Driven Transactions
Doug Bania, Nevium Intellectual Property Solutions (United States)
TM52 Common Law Rights: The Hidden Dangers in the U.S. for Brand Owners
Joseph Nabor, Fitch, Even, Tabin & Flannery, LLP (United States)
TM53 Does .SUCKS suck? Strategic Advice on How to Combat Cybersquatting, Especially Given the Recent Influx of Hundreds of New Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs)
David Taylor, Hogan Lovells (Paris) LLP (France)
Jane Seager, Hogan Lovells (Paris) LLP (France)
TM54 Enhancing the Value of your IP Portfolio by Combining Trademarks and Related Rights with Patents in Licenses and Transactions
Donald Prutzman, Tannenbaum Helpern Syracuse & Hirschtritt LLP (United States)
TM55 Fair Use of Trademark in Digital Media
Gaurav Chhibber, Chadha & Chadha, An Intellectual Property Law Firm (India)
TM56 Geographical Indications in the Caribbean and Latin America
Kenneth G. Porter, Keithley Lake & Associates (Anguilla)
TM57 Proposed TTAB Rule Changes
Cheryl Butler, United States Patent and Trademark Office (United States)
TM58 A Comparison and Consideration of the Strategic Use of Letters of Protest at the Trademark Examination Stage in Domestic and Foreign Jurisdictions
Stephen I. Selznick, Cassels, Brock & Blackwell LLP (Canada)
TM59 Marketing your IP Practice in the Social Age: Making Sense of LinkedIn, Facebook and the Blogosphere
Elyssa LeFevre Chayo, Firm Forward, LLC (United States)
TM60 Navigating the Globe: Strategies for Global Trademark Clearance and Protection
Jeanene L. Jobst, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. (United States)
TM61 Navigating Trademark and Related IP Issues in Mobile Applications
Jeffrey H. Greene, Foley & Lardner LLP (United States)
TM62 Parallel Imports Control in Russia
Dmitry Yurievich Markanov, PATENTUS (Russian Federation)
TM63 Practicalities of IP Strategies in the Age of Open Source and Shared Content
Tatiana J. Whytelord, Intelligent Brand Extension, LLC (United States)
TM64 Protecting the Brand in an Era of Dilution and Dissemination
Jason Mueller, Locke Lord LLP (United States)
TM65 Strategies to Manage United States Trademark Litigation on a Budget
John L. Ambrogi, Partridge Partners P.C. (United States)
TM66 The Intersection Between Design and Trademark Rights in Latin America
Gabriel Di Blasi, Di Blasi, Parente & Associados (Brazil)
TM67 The New gTLDs: How Brands Can Prepare for the Second Round
Stuart Fuller, NetNames (United Kingdom)
TM68 The Overlap between Regulatory Health Agencies and Trademark Offices in Approving Pharmaceutical Brand Names
Cheryl Withycombe, AbbVie Inc. (United States)
TM69 Tips for Responding to USPTO Office Actions Containing Likelihood of Confusion Refusals
Timothy J. Lockhart, Willcox & Savage P.C. (United States)
TM70 TMA's: Are There Universal Truths in Docketing?
Laura Echols, Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, LLP (United States)
TM71 Trademark Searching on a Budget: Strategies, Tools and Resources
Laura J. Winston, Kim Winston LLP (United States)
TM72 Trademarks on the Soles of Her Shoes? How to Obtain and Enforce Trademark Protection to Decorative Elements in the Fashion Industry
Carsten Menebroecker, CMS Hasche Sigle (Germany)
TM73 Trademarks in the Transpacific Partnership (TPP)
Horacio Rangel-Ortiz, RANGEL y RANGEL, S.C. (Mexico)
TM74 U.S. Trademark Applications Based on Foreign Filings: The Intent to Use Requirement
Hadi Al-Shathir, Thompson Coburn LLP (United States)
TM75 The Untold Story of In re Tam: For Trademark Professionals Only
Joel G. MacMull, Archer & Greiner, P.C. (United States) 
TM76 Trademark Issues Facing the Publishing and News Industries
Jeffrey D. Parnass, News Corporation (United States) 

8:00 AM–10:00 AM

TT01 Trademarking Hashtags and Emoji's: An International Perspective
Joel Karni Schmidt, Cowan, Liebowitz & Latman, P.C. (United States)
TT02 Best Practices to Establish and Maintain a Proactive Royalty and Contract Compliance Program
Lewis Stark, Eisner Amper LLP (United States)
TT03 Brand Enforcement Issues in the Luxury and Fashion Industries
James Whymark, Baker & McKenzie (United Kingdom)
TT04 Can I Copyright a Trademark? Best Practices for Using Copyright as a Means of Protecting Logos and Design Marks Globally
Dennis Prahl, Ladas & Parry LLP (United States)
TT05 Current Trends and Topics on Monetary Relief in Lanham Act Litigation in the United States
John G. Plumpe, Charles River Associates, Inc. (United States)
TT06 Registered Community Designs
Julio Laporta, EUIPO (Spain)
TT07 Detection and Enforcement Solutions for Online Trademark Counterfeiting in China
Sophia Ren, Beijing Huicheng Zhilin Intellectual Property Agent Co., Ltd. (China)
TT08 Domain Name Infringement and Trademark Protection in China (In Mandarin)
Yangyi Wu, Huyi Global Internet Trademark Domain Registry (Hong Kong SAR, China)
TT09 EU Trademark Law: Burden of Proof in Absolute Grounds Cases
Tom Scourfield, CMS Cameron McKenna LLP (United Kingdom)
TT10 The Best Expert for Design Rights Litigation May Not Be the One You Think
Carlos Valls, Fornesa Abogados (Spain)
TT11 Tips on Prosecuting TM Applications before the USPTO
Mark Rademacher, United States Patent and Trademark Office (United States)
Renee Servance, United States Patent and Trademark Office (United States)
TT12 How Does INTA Spot and Develop Leaders?
Peter Harvey, Harvey Siskind LLP (United States)
TT13 Injunctions Against ISPs in the Battle Against Infringing: File Sharing and Counterfeits
Clara Steinitz, Olswang France (France)
TT14 Practical Tips for Trademark Protection in China
Catherine Zheng, Deacons (Hong Kong SAR, China)
TT15 INTA From a Board Member Perspective
Jomarie B. Fredericks, Rotary International (United States)
Eileen S. Dunlap, Wells Fargo & Co. Law Department (United States)
TT16 Several Aspects to Improve Chances in Trademark Administrative Lawsuits in China
Jimmy Huang, Zhong Lun Law Firm (China)
TT17 Shapeshifters: Finding a Balance between Protecting 3D Shapes, Designs and Copyrights
Nadine Archer, Baker & McKenzie (United Kingdom)
TT18 Should Trademark Registrations Ever Be Enforced if They Are Not In Use (and If Not, What is the Registration Worth)?
Cynthia Rowden, Bereskin & Parr LLP (Canada)
TT19 Strengthening Stylized Trademark Protection through Copyright in Different Jurisdictions
Gang Hu, CCPIT Patent & Trademark Law Office (China)
TT20 Targeting or Accessibility: What Suffices for a Trademark to be Used in Different Jurisdictions When Used On the Internet
Neville Cordell, Allen & Overy LLP (United Kingdom)
TT21 The EU Approach: Trademark Infringement by Use of AdWords
Daniel Hasik, Hasik & Partners (Poland)
TT22 New Trends in the Hearing of Trademark Administrative Cases in China
Yunquan Li, IPRC Intellectual Property Right Center (China)
TT23 The Weight of the Word: Finding the Balance between Legal and Business Risk in Trademark Searches
Volker Spitz, Brandstock Services AG (Germany)
TT24 Trademark Opposition Proceedings in Italy (a Review of the First 5 Years)
Peter Anthony McAleese, AKRAN Intellectual Property (Italy)
TT25 U.S. Design Registration Practice: How it Differs from Other Jurisdictions
Michael Brown, Michael J Brown Law Office (United States)
TT26 Where Property Gets Intellectual: Capitalizing on Brand Potential
Clare Jackman, Norton Rose Fulbright (United Kingdom)

1:15 PM–3:15 PM 

TT50 ADR: How Can Brand Owners Benefit?
David Aylen, Gowlings International Inc. (Russian Federation)
TT51 Are You a Low-Tech Lawyer?
Anuj Desai, Arnall Golden Gregory, LLP (United States)
TT52 B&B Hardware: One Year Later
Joel Ross Feldman, Greenberg Traurig, LLP (United States)
TT53 IP Litigation in China: How to Defeat Your Opponent Before the IP Court, the Higher Court and the China Supreme Court
Edward Lehman, Lehman, Lee & Xu (China)
TT54 Developments in New gTLDs
Eric Macramalla, Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP (Canada)
TT55 Fair Use in Fashion and Art: Recent Trends and Developments in the United States
Rachel Kronman, Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, P.C. (United States)
TT56 Finding and Cultivating Trademark Associates Who Can Thrive
Peter S. Sloane, Leason Ellis LLP (United States)
TT57 Good Scents or Nonsense: Should Scent Marks be Registered?
Thomas Tresper, Tresper Rechtsanwalt (Germany)
TT58 Indications of Goods and Services and the Madrid System: Pitfalls, Strategies and Databases
Asta Valdimarsdottir, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) (Switzerland)
TT59 How Can New Technologies Increase the Efficiency of Online Brand Enforcement?
Yoav Keren, BrandShield (United States)
TT60 How Copyright Can Enhance Brand Protection
Iris Geik, Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (United States)
TT61 Importance, Protection and Enforcement of Fluid Trademarks in the World of Digitization
Amrit Sandhu, Chadha & Chadha, An Intellectual Property Law Firm (India)
TT62 Keys to a Successful Trademark Mediation
Elizabeth Ann Morgan, The Morgan Law Firm P.C. (United States)
TT63 Lost in Classification in the EU: Dealing with Changes Introduced by "IP Translator" Case and the Amended EU Trademark Regulation and Directive
Diana Sylwia Pawlowska, Universitat de València (Germany)
TT64 Parallel Importation in Turkey and Eastern Europe
Yasemin Kenaroglu, Kenaroglu Intellectual Property (Turkey)
TT65 Searching USPTO Records for Nontraditional Trademarks
Ed Timberlake, Timberlake Law (United States)
TT66 The Concept of Data Protection in the African Market
Uwa Abiola Ohiku, Jackson, Etti, Edu & Co. (Nigeria)
TT67 The Future Changes of Community Trademarks: How it Can Affect European National Trademarks and Foreigners (In Spanish)
Cristina Casas Feu, CASAS ASIN ATTORNEYS (Spain)
TT68 The Growth of Island and Caribbean IP Registration: Barriers, Pros and Cons, Communication and Need to Knows
Nina J Webb, Amicus Law Chambers Ltd. (Bermuda)
TT69 The Madrid Protocol: A Boon or a Bane?
Louis Chan, Procter & Gamble Europe S.A., Singapore branch. (Singapore)
TT70 Trade Dress and Industrial Designs: An International Comparison of Strategies for Use, Protection and Enforcement
Jacqueline Lesser, Baker & Hostetler (United States)
TT71 Trademark and Copyright Infringement Issues in the Apparel Industry
Jeffrey Kobulnick, Ezra Brutzkus Gubner LLP (United States)
TT72 Trademark Issues Related to the Internet of Things
Michael Justus, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP (United States)
TT73 U.S. Copyright Law for Trademark Lawyers
Philip John Cardinale, Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP (United States)
TT74 United States Trademark Application Identification of Goods: Navigating the Issues and Providing Solutions to Keep a Broad Description of Goods
Scott D. Woldow, Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP (United States)
TT75 Why Expert Evidence is Relevant Sometimes but not Always
Andrea Rush, Blaney McMurtry LLP (Canada)

8:00 AM–10:00 AM  

TW01 3D Printing and its Influence on IP Strategies
Christian Hadeyer, Prof. Hintermayr & Partner (Austria)
TW02 Andean Oppositions: Proof of Legal Interest in the Market
Perla Koziner-Aguirre, Bufete Aguirre Soc. Civ. (Bolivia)
TW03 Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits: An Active Discussion of Debbie Millman's Engaging and Enlightening Book about Modern Branding
Lindsay E. Cohen, Bryan Cave LLP (United States)
TW04 Strategies and Special Considerations for Clearance and Protection of Titles for Creative Works
Jill Kathryn Tomlinson, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP (United States)
TW05 General Court and CJEU decisions: The Devil is in the Detail
Cathy Ayers, Scott & York Intellectual Property Law (United Kingdom)
TW06 Global Trademark Policing and Enforcement Strategy
Joyce Skiff, Velcro Group Corporation (United States)
TW07 Using ADR to Resolve Trademark and Other IP Disputes: An Udate on Arbitration and Mediation under the WIPO Rules
Erik Wilbers, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) (Switzerland)
TW08 Honda v. Winklemann: The Role of the Allegation of Failure to Meet the Requirements of 1(b) and How to Use the Case to Your Client's Advantage
James Michael Faier, Faier & Faier P.C. (United States)
TW09 Irreparable Harm after the Herb Reed (9th Cir.) and Ferring Pharmaceuticals (3d Cir.) Decisions
David J. Byer, K&L Gates LLP (United States)
TW10 Latin America: Best Strategies in the Fighting Against Counterfeiting
Santiago Ricardo O'Conor, O'Conor & Power (Argentina)
TW11 Market Research and Market Surveys: A Toolbox for the Skillful Design and Successful Use of Market Surveys in Trademark Matters
Andreas Wehlau, Gleiss Lutz (Germany)
TW12 Pharmaceutical Trademarks
David Lossignol, Sandoz International GmbH (Germany)
TW13 Project Managing your IP Portfolio: A Trademark Administrator's View
Joy Harrison-Abiola, Adepetun, Caxton-Martins, Agbor & Segun (Nigeria)
TW14 Protection of Trademarks from Dilution in Social Networking Platforms
Tarun Khurana, Khurana & Khurana, Advocates and IP Attorneys (India)
TW15 Rationalizing Reverse Confusion
Todd Anten, Quinn, Emanuel, Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP (United States)
TW16 Start Ups and Brand Creation Issues: How to Avoid Future Pitfalls
Relani Belous, FriendFinder Networks/Penthouse Entertainment (United States)
TW17 Expanding Cost-Effectively and Tactically: Strategies for Local Brands Going Global
Geetha Kandiah, KASS International Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)
TW18 Suggestive Signs in Pharmaceutical Trademarks: A European Perspective
Johannes Fuhrmann, Bomhard IP (Spain)
TW19 The Challenges of the Transition from Paper Filing to Exclusive Electronic Filing
Maria Teresa Szendrey-Ramos, Fiddler, Gonzalez & Rodriguez (United States)
TW20 The Secret World of Subliminal Service Marks and Trademarks 2.0
Ira Cohen, Esquire, Henkel & Cohen, P.A. (United States)
TW21 To Mentor or Not to Mentor: That is the Question
Gwen Spurrier, Gray, Plant, Mooty, Mooty & Bennett, P.A. (United States)
TW22 Trade Dress Versuses Patents: Friend or Foe?
Tamara Carmichael, Olshan Frome Wolosky LLP (United States)
TW23 Trademark Coexistence Agreements: Criteria for Acceptance by the Trademark Offices
Renzo Scavia, Scavia & Scavia (Peru)
TW24 Trademark Use in China: Stipulation, Evidence and Consequence
Aidi Ge, NTD Patent & Trademark Agency Ltd. (China)
TW25 Trademarks and Designs: How to Optimize Combined Protection
Patrick Baronikians, Hofstetter, Schurack & Partner (Germany)
TW26 Well-Known Marks: Establishing Well-Known Mark Status in the Absence of Use
Juan Carlos Ojam, Mitrani, Caballero, Ojam & Ruiz Moreno (Argentina)
TW27 Power of Mediation for Business Success: Convincing Users
Maxim Waldbaum, Eaton & Van Winkle LLP (United States)

1:15 PM–3:15 PM

TW50 Ambush Marketing in the Light of Major Sports and Other Events (In German)
Thomas Hertl, Arnecke Sibeth Siebold Rechtsanwalte Steuerberater Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB (Germany)
TW51 Branding Building in an Omnichannel World
Staci Riordan, Nixon Peabody LLP (United States)
TW52 Bringing a Trademark Appeal before the Court of Justice of the European Union
John MacKenzie, Shepherd and Wedderburn (United Kingdom)
TW53 Claiming Seniority in EUTM Applications and Registrations from Earlier National Rights: Pros, Cons and Pitfalls
David Birchall, Venner Shipley LLP (United Kingdom)
TW54 Common Names and Appellations of Origin (In Spanish)
Morena Zavaleta, Arias & Munoz (El Salvador)
TW55 Cuba: The Importance of Staying Ahead of the Squatter's Curve
Maria Jose Jiron, Bendana & Bendana (Nicaragua)
TW56 Distinctiveness of Marks as a Condition for Trademark Registration and Protection
Kenichi Nakayama, Sugimura International Patent and Trademark Attorneys (Japan)
TW57 Disparaging and Scandalous Trademarks: Definition, Scope and Relevance in the Present Era
Niti Dewan, RK Dewan & Co (India)
TW58 Ex-Parte Interim Injunctions in Trademark Infringement: Boon or Threat?
Gopal Trivedi, Chadha & Chadha, An Intellectual Property Law Firm (India)
TW59 Groundless Threats for Trademark Infringement and Passing Off: Perspectives and Validity
Vijay Kumar Makyam, IP Markets (India)
TW60 Hot Topics in Social Media
Marc Trachtenberg, Greenberg Traurig, LLP (United States)
TW61 How Far is it from CK Creacionnes Kennya to CK Calvin Klein? The Changing Model of Protection of Reputed Trademarks
Monika Malgorzata Zuraw, BSSW Legal &Tax (Poland)
TW62 Intellectual Property Due Diligence
Motasem Abu-Ghazaleh, Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property (AGIP) (United Arab Emirates)
TW63 More Than Merely Descriptive: Anticipating, Answering, Amending and Accepting Trademark Act Section 2(e) Refusals
Alina S. Morris, Christensen O'Connor Johnson Kindness PLLC (United States)
TW64 Mutilation at the USPTO: When Specimens and Drawings Don't Match
Abigail Rubinstein, Weiss & Arons LLP (United States)
TW65 Pushing the Limits of the Food and Drinks Industry: From the Shape of Chocolate Bars to the Origin of Whisky
Andrew Sim, Baker & McKenzie (Hong Kong SAR, China)
TW66 INTA from a Past President Perspective
Mei-lan E.W. Stark, Fox Entertainment Group (United States)
Vijay Toke, Cobalt LLP (United States)
TW67 Register to Win: Defending Your Mark in the European Union
Ulrich Hildebrandt, Lubberger Lehment (Germany)
TW68 Sweepstakes and Promotions Overview for the Trademark Attorney
Michael D. Hobbs, Troutman Sanders LLP (United States)
TW69 The Regulation of Prize Promotions under Brazilian Law
Mauro Santos, Dannemann Siemsen Bigler & Ipanema Moreira (Brazil)
TW70 The Slippery Slope of Disparagement
Joanne Ludovici, McDermott Will & Emery LLP (United States)
TW71 The Special Protection of Well-Known Trademarks in the EU and Other Parts of the World
Stefan Weidert, Gleiss Lutz (Germany)
TW72 The TTAB and Genericness: Are Recent Rulings an Evolution or Revolution?
Belinda J. Scrimenti, Pattishall, McAuliffe, Newbury, Hilliard & Geraldson LLP (United States)
TW73 The Use of Hybrid Eveready/Squirt Formats for Surveying Likelihood of Confusion
J. David Mayberry, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP (United States)
TW74 Trademark Trolls Update: What is Happening in Your Country
Marion Bailey-Canham, Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP (Canada)
TW75 Work Life Balance for the Trademark Practitioner
Jeanne Hamburg, Norris, McLaughlin & Marcus, P.A. (United States)
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