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In-House Practitioners Workshop and Luncheon

Teammates and Hired Guns: Best Practices for Partnering with Internal and External Stakeholders

Sunday, May 21
8:30 am–3:00 pm

The following hypothetical will guide the discussion in both sessions during the workshop:

Widget Corporation is a diversified international corporation which sells a wide range of products and services. Widget just acquired a new consumer goods company, Acquiredco, to complement its product portfolio. Acquiredco represents Widget’s first entry into a new product category.

While Acquiredco is well-established in its product category, with a famous line of existing products, it also has a number of new products in its pipeline, including one product ready for launch in time for the next holiday shopping season. This product, Product X, was a deciding factor in Widget’s purchase of Acquiredco. Product X will be sold by retailers around the world, and is expected to appeal across all demographics. A simultaneous launch is planned in all major markets, supported by a print, broadcast, billboard, direct mail, point of purchase and online promotional blitz. 

Purchasers of Product X will get access to a free app that will help them keep track of their use of Product X, and form social networks with other users. Both IOS and Android versions of the app are in final beta, and leverage a third party’s cloud services.

Prior to the acquisition’s closing, Acquiredco engaged the services of a branding agency which compiled a list of 35 names that were cleared by the agency’s legal department for use on Product X and its associated app.  You have not worked with this agency in the past.

Widget’s new Director of Marketing (“Dom”) is thrilled about the pending Product X launch. Dom sent you an email explaining that Widget’s Leadership Team is counting on Product X to take Widget “to the next level”. The launch has been given enough budget to support Dom’s vision of hiring Carrie Underwood and a CGI Tupac as spokespeople, entering into a co-branding agreement with FIFA, filling casinos around the world with Product X-themed slot machines, licensing Frank Sinatra’s recording of “My Way” as a theme song, paying Barack Obama to get a Product X logo tattoo on his right bicep as soon as he leaves office, and developing a Product X-related Happy Meal with McDonald’s. 


8:30 am–9:00 am 
9:00 am–10:30 am

Being a Team Player: How to Be a Trademark Teammate For Business Goals 

In-House practitioners often wear various hats during the launch and development of new products and brands. This session will discuss the various roles played, and highlight ways to improve collaboration across business teams while performing important legal functions.  

Jane Ungaro, Zoetis Inc. (United States)

Dhrubajyoti Basu, Aditya Birla Management Corporations Pvt Ltd. (India)
Rashmi Chandra, Aetna Inc. (United States)
Jane Hwang, Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company (United States)            

10:30–10:45 am 
Coffee Break
10:45 am–12:15 pm 

Making the Magic Happen: Collaborating with Your External Stakeholders 

When launching a new product or brand, In-House practitioners often find themselves working as a referee to manage internal business needs and the involvement by third parties, such as advertising agencies, law firms and other vendors. This session will provide suggestions to improve collaboration among third parties hired to support the goals of your company’s brand. 

Debra Y. Hughes, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (United States)

Gonzalo Brujo, Interbrand (Spain)
Emma Cowland, Adam & Eve DDB (United Kingdom)
Russell Pangborn, Seed Intellectual Property Law Group LLP (United States)

12:15 pm–1:30 pm 
Networking Reception and Luncheon        
1:30 pm–3:00 pm 
In-House Idea Exchange Table Topics

Registrants have the ability to participate in moderated discussions with their corporate colleagues, on a variety of topics. 


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