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Anticounterfeiting Workshop: Strategy + Collaboration = Success Against Counterfeiting

Open to Corporate and Government Officials Only

This workshop will give in-house teams and government officials an opportunity to benchmark and collaborate with other brand owners, investigators, law enforcement and governmental agencies, leading anticounterfeiting associations, and legal experts to identify best practices to help in the fight against the ever-growing crime of counterfeiting. Prosecution of counterfeiters via criminal proceedings and how law enforcement identifies, investigates, and prosecutes counterfeiters will be the focus of this workshop. Workshop participants will share case studies, learning what worked and what didn’t, and will discuss how collaboration and the right strategy is the key to successfully fighting counterfeiting. This workshop is only for in-house counsel and government officials, and attendance is by invitation only. Since space is limited, prospective attendees are encouraged to register early.

On Day 1 of the conference, there will be dual tracks—one for corporate members and a second track for government officials. Both groups will come together on Day 2 to work together to enhance collaboration by sharing best practices and learning to work together more efficiently.


 Friday, May 19, 2017

1:00 pm–2:00 pm

Badge Pick-Up

 2:00 pm–2:15 pm 

Setting the Stage

Anna Guix, FC Barcelona (Spain)
Laurence Morel-Chevillet, Bulgari SpA (Italy)

2:15 pm–3:15 pm 

“Houston, We Have a Problem” 

Developing and implementing an anticounterfeiting strategy and getting relevant CEO and CFO buy-in for resources (budget, manpower, etc.) is an ongoing struggle within corporate teams. And even if resources are allocated, there are further challenges in determining roles and responsibilities among brand protection and legal teams to ensure efficient and effective collaboration. Learn from real-world case studies about what worked and what didn’t and acquire some best practices to help you navigate these issues within your own organization. Delegates will be able to share their own experiences and their own best-practice tips and tricks.  

Myrtha Hurtado Rivas, Novartis International AG (Switzerland)

Charles Chen, HICKIES , Inc. (United States)
Erin Lewis, Luxottica Group SpA (Italy)
Zorita Pop, Reckitt Benckiser plc (United Kingdom)

3:15 pm–4:15 pm 

Enforcement: Inside and Out

Effective enforcement requires coordinated efforts across internal and external investigative and legal resources and working closely with various government authorities, industry and trade associations, and possibly competitors across multiple jurisdictions. Attendees will benefit from case study examples to learn what has worked in the past, what hasn’t worked, and what corporate teams need to know to effectively gather evidence and engage with government authorities and to discover what resources may be found in trade and industry associations.

Tara Steketee, Merck & Co., Inc. (United States)

Marie-Laure Bonnafous, FENDI ADELE SRL (Italy)
Lauren Dienes-Middlen, World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (United States)
Bruce W. Longbottom, Eli Lilly and Company (United States)

4:15 pm–4:30 pm 

Networking Break

4:30 pm–5:30 pm 

Roadblocks and Detours  

Facilitated discussion where delegates can identify what is working, what obstacles they see that prevent them from making significant inroads to ensure authentic products are delivered to consumers. Discussions may cover what participants have learned from missed opportunities, how to engage local and regional law enforcement and policy makers, which technology tools worked and which ones failed, outsourcing and insourcing models, and more.

Anna Guix, FC Barcelona (Spain)
Laurence Morel-Chevillet, Bulgari SpA (Italy)

5:30 pm–5:45 pm 
2:00 pm–2:15 pm 
Setting the Stage
2:15 pm–5:30 pm 
Best Practices: How Law Enforcement, Customs, and Government Officials Are Cleaning Up Their Cities 

The afternoon program will showcase some of the best-practice inter-agency collaboration that led to successful criminal prosecutions of counterfeiters. Following will be facilitated roundtable discussions to determine how to improve inter-agency and inter-country information sharing and how to effectively create an EU solution as opposed to country-specific solutions. Best practices will be discussed and shared with delegates on Day 2 of the program.

Facilitators include:
Manuel Larragoity, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, American Embassy – Madrid (Spain)
Jeremy Newman, 2017 Chair, EU Subcommittee of the INTA Anticounterfeiting Committee (United Kingdom)
John Robertson, Federal Bureau of Investigation (United States)

 4:15 pm-4:30 pm
 Networking Break

 Saturday, May 20, 2017



9:00 am–9:30 am

Badge Pick-Up

9:30 am–10:00 am
Welcome  and Day 1 Report Out
Jeremy Newman, Rouse (United Kingdom)
2017 Chair, EU Subcommittee of the INTA Anticounterfeiting Committee
10:00 am–10:20 am

Keynote – Counterfeiting in the EU: State of Play and Challenges for Brand Owners
Paul Maier, Director, European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) (Spain)     

10:20 am–11:30 am

A How-to Guide to Create an Authentic City—A Case Study

Cities are the frame through which commerce takes place. Protecting the growth of commerce in these cities largely depends on leveraging country laws for action at a national, regional and local level along with a commitment and collaboration of government officials, brand owners and law enforcement.

The panel will share real case studies to show how police (local and federal officials), customs officials and other relevant authorities work together to transform their city into an “authentiCITY”. These award winning “authentiCITIES” are cities that are dedicated to the protection of trademarks. Representatives from anticounterfeiting associations and representatives from government and brands will share their experiences and the importance of consumer awareness and collaboration to promote innovation, creativity and authenticity in our world.

José Antonio Moreno, Asociación para la Defensa de la Marca (ANDEMA)(Spain)
Francesca Alessia Arra, Italian Ministry of Economic Development (Italy)
Claudio Bergonzi, Istituto di Centromarca per la lotta alla contraffazione (INDICAM)(Italy)
Marie-Laure Bonnafous, FENDI ADELE SRL (Italy)
Regis Messali, Union des Fabricants (UNIFAB)(France)
Gloria Vara Giner, Town Hall of Alicante (Spain)
11:30 am–12:30 pm

A How-to Guide to Successful Collaboration between Private and Public Sectors

Panelists will share a case study whereby the role and responsibilities of brand owners and government officials are showcased, followed by a facilitated discussion of what works and what doesn’t and how to improve collaboration.

Delphine Sarfati, Union des Fabricants (UNIFAB)(France)

Jack Chang, The Quality Brands Committee (QBPC)(China)
Graham Mogg, Anti-Counterfeiting Group (ACG)(United Kingdom)
Susan Wilson, U.S. Mission to the European Union (Belgium)

12:30 pm–1:45 pm

Networking Lunch

1:45 pm–2:30 pm 
Update on The European Observatory’s Enforcement Database (EDB) and WCO’s Global Interface Public-Members (IPM) Platform – Hear the Users Point of View

The European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights (Observatory), based at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), created the Enforcement Database (EDB) as a free, multilingual and secure information exchange system. The World Customs Organization (WCO) created the global Interface Public-Members (IPM) platform which allows rights holders to share relevant product information and the only global security solution gateway allowing customs officers to verify the authenticity of products online. Hear from users of these systems as to how they are working and why all brand owners should be considering these helpful tools.

Andrea Di Carlo, European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) (Spain)
Bob Peeters, PSS SA (Belgium)

Miguel Fayos Mestre, Major of the Spanish Guardia Civil, Criminal Analysis Division (Spain)
Andrea Forte, QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies GmbH (Germany)
Riikka Pakkanen, Finnish Customs (Finland)
2:30 pm–3:30 pm
A How-to Guide to Do It Right—Evidence Packages and Criminal Prosecutions

With limited resources within law enforcement agencies, it is important that law enforcement and brand owners work effectively to provide relevant evidence to lead to a successful criminal prosecution. Hear from a panel of experts as to what is really needed, what your resources should be spent on when gathering and maintaining evidence, and real-world examples of when evidence was gathered correctly and when the gathering of evidence may have gone off the rails.   Key players in a criminal proceeding discuss how they build a case and how they prosecute and understand what, in their views, comprises a winnable case and why.

Phil Lewis, Anti-Counterfeiting Group (ACG)(United Kingdom)

Gary Brown, City of London Police, Police Intellectual Property Police Crime Unit (PIPCU) (United Kingdom)
Brandon Scott, Abercrombie & Fitch (United States)           
Graham Mogg, Anti-Counterfeiting Group (ACG)(United Kingdom)

3:30 pm–3:45 pm 
Networking Break
3:45 pm–5:00 pm

Online and Unsafe

The World Wide Web is a haven for counterfeiters to sell their fake products to unsuspecting consumers around the world. E-commerce and social media sites create a forum where counterfeiters can take advantage of consumers and damage brand owners not only in bottom-line sales but also in reputation. Hear how the “good guys” are fighting back.

Carlo Alberto Demichelis, Istituto di Centromarca per la lotta alla contraffazione (INDICAM)(Italy)

Andrea Di Carlo, European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)(Spain)
Julien Dudouit, eBay Inc. (United States)
Bruce W. Longbottom, Eli Lilly and Company (United States)
Wai-Sim (Catherine) Yip, Hong Kong Customs (Hong Kong)

5:00 pm–5:15 pm  
Closing Remarks and Thank You

Jeremy Newman, Rouse (United Kingdom)
2017 Chair, EU Subcommittee of the INTA Anticounterfeiting Committee

Etienne Sanz de Acedo, International Trademark Association (United States)

 Project Team


INTA would like to thank the Project Team for its excellent work in planning and presenting this workshop.

Project Team Members:
Anna Guix, FC Barcelona (Spain)
Laurence Morel-Chevillet, Bulgari SpA (Italy)
Jeremy Newman, Rouse (United Kingdom)
INTA Staff Liaisons:
Dionne Downs, International Trademark Association (United States)
Dolores Moro, International Trademark Association (United States)
Tiffany Pho, International Trademark Association (United States)
Maysa Razavi, International Trademark Association (United States)

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