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VAT Information

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a tax on spending levied on most goods and services in many countries.

Typically, Spanish VAT is 21%, and is applied to almost all transactions for goods and services in Spain. Other rates for certain goods and services can be 4% or 10%. Depending on their home country, businesses and individuals may be entitled to a refund from the Spanish government for VAT paid on expenses such as hotel accommodations, registration fees, taxis, car rentals, communication costs, and professional fees. The Spanish government does not reimburse VAT paid on meals, since that type of expense is considered not recoupable.

All registrants will receive a detailed receipt for their records upon checkout showing the total VAT charged, INTA’s VAT registration number, and registrant details.

Persons domiciled in Spain will not be charged VAT on registration or add-on events as long as a Spanish VAT registration number is provided upon checkout.

VAT Reclaim

VAT Reclaim for Meeting Expenses:

INTA has selected Meridian Global Services as the official VAT recovery supplier for this meeting. Meridian will offer VAT Recovery and International VAT Compliance and Consulting, an integral part of its services. A representative will be available on Monday and Tuesday only at the Meridian counter in the Exhibition Hall to assist with business-related VAT recovery and compliance.

To learn more about VAT before the meeting, view this webcast provided by Meridian.

VAT Reclaim for Personal Expenses:

VAT charged on items outside of meeting fees can also be reclaimed by visitors from outside the European Union. In order to do so, you must fill out a tax-free form at the time of purchase and have your passport handy. At the airport your purchased items need to be taken to Customs Clearance, where the Customs official will export validate the form. Proceed to a VAT refund desk to receive your refund.


Meeting Products with VAT Fees

Item  VAT  Notes 
Annual Meeting Registration—Domiciled Outside Spain 21% VAT will be charged VAT is recoupable
Annual Meeting Registration—Spanish National  No VAT will be charged  Only if Spanish VAT registration number is provided upon checkout
Annual Meeting Add-On Events (e.g., Table Topics, Mediation Training, International Course) 21% VAT will be charged  VAT is recoupable
Sponsorship—Domiciled Outside EU  21% VAT will be charged VAT is not recoupable
Sponsorship—Domiciled in EU or Spanish National  No VAT will be charged   
Exhibits—Exhibiting on the Trade Show Floor  No VAT will be charged   
Plan Your Own Event—Renting Meeting Space at the Fira Gran Via  No VAT will be charged   
2018 Annual Meeting Pre-Sale, Carbon Credit Donation, and INTA Administrative Fees  No VAT will be charged   


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