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Plan Your Own Event

INTA would like to know about all events taking place in Washington, DC, during the meeting so that your events do not conflict with INTA’s planned events. If you are planning to host a reception, client party, secure a hospitality suite for meetings, etc., we ask that you inform us in advance.

Please fill out the Plan Your Own Event form and INTA will follow up with you if there is a conflict.


We recognize that we cannot limit members from having events surrounding the Leadership Meeting, but we ask that when you are promoting your event that you refrain from using "INTA" or "International Trademark Association" in a way that suggests that INTA is an official sponsor of your event. For example, we ask that you:
  • not use INTA or International Trademark Association in an email subject line unless the subject line also makes clear the name of the firm sponsoring the event
  • not use INTA as part of an RSVP or other email address
  • not use INTA in the name of a party or event (for example, please do not call your event "INTA Reception"
  • not use the INTA logo or Meeting branding in your message

Instead, it is fine for you to refer to the INTA Leadership Meeting in a party invitation using language such as "ABC Law Firm Party during INTA's 2016 Leadership Meeting" or "When in for the International Trademark Association's Leadership Meeting, please join XYZ Law Firm for a reception at...." If you have questions regarding this policy, please email

We also ask that you fill out the Plan Your Own Event form if you haven’t already, so that we can track the economic impact of our meeting on the city. If you wish to become a meeting sponsor, INTA could help promote this event in the brochure under a special section dedicated to Affiliate Events. 


It is the policy of the International Trademark Association (INTA) that all information contained in the INTA Membership Directory and the INTA Leadership Meeting Registrant Directory is entrusted to attendees for their personal use only, and use of this information for any other purpose, such as unsolicited electronic communication, is expressly prohibited. Violation of this policy may subject the member to sanctions up to and including revocation of INTA membership. 

Please notify INTA if you become aware of violations of this policy by sending an email to


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