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Thank You for Attending!

Thanks for attending INTA’s 140th Annual Meeting in Seattle.

With the increasing importance of trademarks and brands to consumers, companies, and the global economy, it is no surprise that the INTA Annual Meeting continues to grow.

Registrants enjoyed five days of meetings and events, topped off by the Grand Finale.

Get a taste of the Annual Meeting experience—and excitement—by watching this video of the Opening Ceremonies featuring Annual Meeting Co-Chairs Dana Brown Northcott (, Inc, USA), and Axel Nordemann (Boehmert and Boehmert, Germany), INTA CEO Etienne Sanz de Acedo, and INTA President Tish Berard.

For full coverage of the Meeting, check out previous issues of the INTA Daily News ( Preview edition, Saturday edition, Sunday edition, Monday edition, Tuesday edition, and Wednesday edition).

Thank you, farewell, and see you next year in Boston, Massachusetts, for the 2019 Annual Meeting!
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