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      Working Towards the 21st Century IP Office Workshop 

IP office officials are invited to join the annual, all-day workshop developed by IP office representatives exclusively for IP offices around the world. Coordinated by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO), the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (HIPO), and the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI), the workshop will feature several closed-door sessions for IP office registrants and end with a reception for all government officials attending the meeting. This full day of programming is an excellent opportunity for registrants from your office to benchmark with other offices, network, and learn.


Tuesday, May 22

8:00 am–8:45 am 
(Exclusive to IP Office Officials)

Join us for breakfast before we start the day of closed door sessions just for IP Office representatives attending the Annual Meeting.
9:00 am–9:30 am

Welcome and Introduction

Etienne Sanz de Acedo, INTA (United States)

Representatives from:
Viktor Łuszcz, President, Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (HIPO) (Hungary)
Miguel Ángel Margáin, The Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) (Mexico)  
Mesmin Pierre, The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) (Canada) 

9:30 am–10:50 am 
Session 1 – Closed Door Session
New Marks on the Block: Experience and Challenges with New Types of Trademarks

Globalization and the rapid spread of the Internet have diversified marketing strategies in recent years, giving precedence to online advertising. As this new platform was set, the market need for new types of trademarks consisting of motion, sound or other untraditional features increased. This session intends to provide an international platform to exchange ideas about the challenges caused by the emergence of such new types of trademarks, in particular as regards the registrability, representability, searchability, distinctiveness and comparison of these marks.

Panelists from several offices will discuss a wide variety of interrelated topics, including:
  • Experience in the wake of the elimination of the graphic representation requirement in the European Union.
  • The actual demand for the registration of “non-traditional” marks in the light of IPO statistics.
  • The technical aspects of the representation of new types of trade marks (vis-à-vis applications, register, bulletin and searches) with an outlook on the Vienna classification.
  • Challenges that the Madrid system is facing relating to the new types of marks.
  • Practical questions of examination, such as the need to adapt the legal tests of similarity when new types of marks are concerned as well as issues of acquired distinctiveness and proof of use.
András Jókúti, Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (HIPO) (Hungary)

Marcus Höpperger, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) (Switzerland)
Anja  Hornecker , The Danish Patent and Trademark Office (Denmark)
John Braybrooks, Australian Intellectual Property Office (IP Australia) (Australia)
Katalin Ladányi, Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (HIPO) (Hungary)

11:00 pm–11:15 am
Coffee Break                     
11:20 am–12:40 pm 

Session 2 – Closed Door Session 
The Art of Deception: When Salt Looks Like Sugar

Determining whether a trademark is deceptive can be a challenging task, sometimes requiring the application of objective and subjective tests. This session will focus on how IP Offices determine whether trademarks, including certification marks, are deceptive. Speakers from several IP offices will each present on a different perspective, discuss their approaches and offer insight into how to assess deceptiveness.

Louise Ryk, Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) (Canada)

Amy Cotton, United States Patent and Trademark Office (United States)
Schmuell Lopes Cantanhêde, Brazilian National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) (Brazil)
Om Prakash Gupta, Intellectual Property Office of India (India)
Iyana Goyette, Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) (Canada) 

12:45 pm–1:45 pm 


2:00 pm–3:15 pm 

Session 3 – Closed Door Session
Trademarks as Part of an Innovation Strategy

During the 1980s, many developing countries (notably in Latin American) joined the world trend of increasing use of trademarks to identify their products’ origin and quality and thus provide certainty to their societies, as a result of diverse trademark filing awareness raising initiatives. 

Nowadays, trademark filing has become a common tool used by companies – from multinationals to SMEs - to enter international markets and as a way of creating more competitive and innovative enterprises that directly contribute to the welfare and growth of countries’ economy. In this context, awareness raising activities can now evolve to show the close link between innovation and a well-oriented trademark strategy. 

The recent possibility of filing new types of trademarks seems to urge particular trademark awareness raising activities as, in some countries, business and consumers are not well aware of all kinds of trademark protection that can be obtained. Education on realities such as smell/sound marks or trade dress should thus build on the success achieved by IP Offices, with campaigns focusing on word and figurative marks and create awareness among the youngest consumers as part of the elementary schools programs and using tools specially designed for children. 

In this session, IP Offices with existing practices in the area of trademark promotion will share their views, particularly on the challenges faced and the initiatives implemented to overcome them.

Louise Ryk, Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) (Canada)

Maria Ng, Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department (Hong Kong)
Miguel Ángel Margáin, The Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) (Mexico) 

3:15 pm–3:30 pm 

Wrap Up

5:30 pm–6:30 pm 

Government Officials Reception 
(By invitation only to Government Officials)

Join INTA’s leadership and government officials from around the world for a reception thanking these officials for their dedication and support of the trademark community. 


Saturday, May 2
Sunday, May 3
Monday, May 4
Tuesday, May 5
Wednesday, May 6
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