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Leadership Meeting

November 6–9, 2018
Sheraton New Orleans Hotel
New Orleans, Louisiana

What INTA Members Want––A City and Brands That Fascinate!

The Leadership Meeting brings together INTA volunteers and leaders once a year to advance the Association’s objectives and goals. This meeting offers registrants an advanced-level educational program and the opportunity to conduct business and network with colleagues from around the world over four days in an amazing location. Come to see, hear, smell, taste, and feel a divine venue known for its authenticity: the Birthplace of Jazz, the home of Creole cuisine, the City That Care Forgot, the Big Easy, the Crescent City, the Millennial Magnet––New Orleans!  

This year––new for the Leadership Meeting––a double track of concurrent programs in the afternoons––giving you more opportunities to find subject matter with takeaways for your own practice. This expansion has enabled a larger category of programs, encompassing substantive content, skills for in-house and private practice lawyers, strategy, related rights, and ethics. Learn from and enjoy programs featuring characteristics of this world-class music and food destination, including programs on restaurant branding and branding for music concerts, each with lessons applicable to many other industries.   

Programs on iconic marks and brands in crisis will ground you in the nuances of classic branding and trademark law. Others will address the cutting edge of trademark law, including: the latest technologies available to avoid risks when protecting existing marks and launching new marks, branding and mobile apps, how artificial intelligence and virtual reality may impact branding, and the new EU certification marks.  

Network on the Mighty Mississippi and in the Vieux Carré––the old French Quarter! Oh yes, and remember your committee meeting! All of this and more, including an exciting keynote speaker to be announced and an opening ceremony––not to be missed––that will introduce you to a New Orleans musical tradition, in a destination whose apt nicknames have become iconic brands themselves––New Orleans!

The Leadership Meeting is by invitation only to:

Current and incoming Board of Directors and Counsel, Past Presidents, and Past Counsel, as well as current (2018–2019 term) Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs, Subcommittee Chairs, Committee Members, Project Team Members, Program Speakers, and IP Office Representatives.

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