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About Austin, Texas

The recorded history of Austin, Texas, began in the 1830s when Anglo-American settlers arrived in Central Texas. In 1837, settlers founded the village of Waterloo on the banks of the Colorado River, the first permanent settlement in the area. Shortly afterward, the name was changed to Austin in honor of Stephen F. Austin, the “Father of Texas” and the first Secretary of State of the Republic of Texas.

Today, Austin is known as the “Live Music Capital of the World,” a reference to the city’s many musicians and live music venues, as well as the longest-running television music series in the United States, Austin City Limits. In the 1990s, the city adopted the nickname “Silicon Hills” due to the rapid influx of technology and development companies. More recently, the unofficial slogan is “Keep Austin Weird,” which refers to the desire to protect small, unique, and local businesses from being overrun by large corporations. Austin is also known as a ”Clean Air City” for its stringent no-smoking ordinances that apply to all public places and buildings, including restaurants and bars.  

Austinites from all over the world call this thriving city of diversity home, as they work to support the various industries that make Austin exceptional.

There is no shortage of things to do in Austin. Whether you are the ultimate foodie, enjoy live music and art, or just like the great outdoors, Austin has something for everyone!

An Austin microsite website has been created with information for registrants and includes helpful links to points of interest and local discounts.

Climate and Dress

Austin’s average daytime temperature in November is 75°F (20°C) and the average low temperature at night is 48°F (9°C).

Business casual attire is encouraged for the Meeting. Meeting rooms are well air-conditioned; therefore, the inside temperature might be slightly cooler or warmer than you find comfortable. It is suggested that you dress in layers (light jackets or shawls are good to have with you).


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