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Pricing / Fees

The registration fee includes admission to educational sessions, three continental breakfasts, three luncheons, refreshment breaks, and three receptions, as well as access to the online meeting portal that contains course materials, the Registrant Directory, and the Final Program.

Payment can be made with a credit card only. Checks and wires will not be accepted as payment for this meeting.

 Category Early Registration—on or before Friday, September 6, 5:00 pm EST
Member US $865
Emeritus US $525
Government / Nonprofit / University US $525 
Student US $200
Professor  US $300
Guest**  US $350 


 Category Standard Registration—after Friday, September 6–
Monday, November 18, 5:00 pm EST
Member US $975 
Emeritus US $525
Government / Nonprofit / University US $525                                                                                             
Student US $200
Professor  US $300
Guest**  US $350 


 Category Onsite Registration—Friday, November 19 – Friday, November, 22
Member US $1,075 
Emeritus US $525
Government / Nonprofit / University US $525
Student US $200
Professor  US $300
Guest**  US $350 


**Guest Registration

A guest is a spouse, significant other, child, family member, or friend whose occupation is unrelated to the trademark industry. A co-worker or associate within the trademark industry is not eligible for guest registration. Guests are entitled to three continental breakfasts (Wednesday through Friday), three luncheons (Wednesday through Friday), and three receptions (Welcome and Awards Reception, Networking Reception, and Closing Cocktails). Guest passes do not provide access to educational sessions, course materials, or CLE/CPD accreditation. Guests are not listed in the online Attendee Directory.


Badges and Admittance

Registration for the Leadership Meeting is exclusive to: 2018‒2019 Committee Members, Chairs and Vice Chairs, Subcommittee Members, Current and Incoming Board of Directors and Counsel, Past Presidents and Counsel, Current Project Teams, and staff from government IP offices, as well as incoming 2020‒2021 Committee Members. You must register and pay for the Meeting. Committee-only registrations will not be offered.

Those registered for the Leadership Meeting will receive an INTA name badge that is unique to this meeting and will provide access to the educational sessions, receptions, and meals. Name badges must be worn at all times to gain access to all official INTA functions. Anyone found counterfeiting, copying, or sharing badges may be subject to sanctions up to, and including, removal from the Meeting and/or revocation of his or her company’s INTA membership. 

You are not registered for the Leadership Meeting until your payment is processed. You will not be able to reserve a hotel room until you first register for and pay to attend the Meeting.

Badge Reprint Policy

A penalty fee of US $100 will be charged for the first reprint of lost or misplaced badges. A second reprint will incur a penalty fee of US $300. Badges will not be printed a third time.

Cancellation and Refunds

Full refunds of registration fees (including guest registrations) are issued only if a cancellation request is received in writing by Friday, September 13, 2019. All cancellation requests received after that date will incur a US $150 service charge.

No refunds will be issued for this program after Friday, November 1, 2019, at 5:00 pm EST. 

Please note: the Executive Workshops, off-site Charity Event and Networking Excursions are nonrefundable, but substitutions are allowed.  

Please return this Refund Request form to INTA Member Operations at, or fax it to +1-212-768-7796 (Attn: Member Operations).


Your registration for the Meeting, and any additional events, is transferable to another individual employed by your organization and in the same office location. Because registration for the Leadership Meeting is exclusive to committee members, the substitute must be on a current committee and already eligible to attend the Meeting.

Please return this Substitution Request form to INTA Member Operations at, or fax it to +1-212-768-7796 (Attn: Member Operations).


You must be registered, and all payments must be received, before you will be eligible to reserve your hotel room within the INTA block. Following payment, the Hotel Reservation page will be provided in your confirmation email. Please note that the conference rate is limited to one room per registrant and that the INTA rate is based on availability.


During registration, you are given the option to share your information in the Registrant Directory. The Registrant Portal, which includes the Directory, is only accessible by other event registrants and is password-protected. Email addresses are not included in the Registrant Directory.

It is the policy of the International Trademark Association (INTA) that all information contained in the INTA Membership Directory and the INTA Leadership Meeting Registrant Directory is entrusted to registrants for their personal use only, and use of this information for any other purpose, such as unsolicited electronic communication, is expressly prohibited. The same applies for the unauthorized sale or distribution of information obtained from our Registrant Directory. Violation of this policy may subject the member to sanctions up to and including revocation of INTA membership. Should you be aware of any violations of this policy, please report the issue to

The mobile app will include a networking feature for registrants of the Leadership Meeting. Registrants will have the opportunity to opt in to connect with other Leadership Meeting registrants. The app’s cutting-edge technology will serve as the optimal platform to connect Meeting registrants, and will take the place of listing registrant contact information in the INTA Leadership Meeting Registrant Directory on the portal. The app’s networking opt-in feature is designed to enhance registrants’ networking and professional development opportunities in advance of and during the Meeting while concurrently protecting data privacy. The sole purpose of this feature is to facilitate networking between registrants. Distribution and use of the information for other than this purpose in violation of INTA’s policy may lead to sanctions, including the revocation of INTA membership.


INTA takes photographs and videos of this event for use in future INTA news and promotional materials in print, electronic, and other media, including on the INTA website. Event participants grant INTA the right to use any image, photograph, voice, or likeness, without limitation, in its promotional materials and publicity efforts without compensation. All media become the property of INTA. Media may be displayed, distributed, or used by INTA for any purpose.


INTA collects personal information to enable your event registration, including your name, address, email address, and other contact details. This information may be shared with select third parties that perform services for INTA in connection with this event, including database management services and event housing, when applicable. Please review INTA’s full Privacy Policy available online.


All Leadership Meeting registrant badges will contain a barcode recording the following information: Record ID from INTA’s Membership Database, Preferred Name/First Name, Last Name, Registrant Email, Organization Name and Organization contact details, as well as tickets purchased for any special events related to the Leadership Meeting. INTA uses this data for CLE and CPD purposes; for example, to generate CLE certificates for registrants, and to validate tickets registrants have purchased for special events. If you permit your registrant badge to be scanned at exhibitor booths in the Exhibition Hall, the information contained in the barcode will be captured by that exhibitor and handled in accordance with its policies and terms. Please note that allowing an exhibitor to scan the barcode on your badge will be construed as consent to receive marketing and communications from that specific exhibitor in the future. Having your badge scanned by exhibitors is entirely optional. Should you allow your badge to be scanned and subsequently receive marketing materials from an exhibitor, you can contact the specific exhibitor asking to unsubscribe from the marketing at any time (for example, by following the unsubscribe instructions in their emails).


In the past few years, INTA has seen an increase in the number of persons trying to register business colleagues as guests and engaging in other practices designed to avoid payment of the registration fee for the Leadership Meeting. Please note that anyone found attempting to falsely register as a guest, or counterfeiting, copying, or sharing badges, may be subject to sanctions, up to and including removal from the Leadership Meeting and revocation of INTA membership.


Registrants agree not to display or distribute any promotional items or to engage in any marketing or advertising during the event outside of an approved booth in the Exhibition Hall. Registrants further agree to conduct themselves in a manner that is courteous and respectful of INTA and its staff and of registrants at the event from other cultures and parts of the world. Any registrant who, in the sole opinion of INTA, engages in conduct that is unethical, offensive, or not in keeping with or appropriate for the event may be dismissed from the Leadership Meeting without refund.


INTA understands that many affiliate events take place during the week of the Meeting and we wish you success with your event. INTA would like to know about all events taking place in Austin, Texas, during our Leadership Meeting so that your events do not conflict with our planned events. If you plan to host a reception, client party, or secure a hospitality suite for meetings, etc., we ask that you inform us in advance by filling out the Plan Your Own Event form. Please note that in the review and any subsequent approval of a request, INTA does not take any responsibility nor liability for the event. Your organization will be fully liable and responsible for all matters concerning your event, including but not limited to making all payments, having adequate insurance coverage, ensuring appropriate behavior from guests, and meeting contractual obligations. 

Approval of a request does not guarantee that you will secure your first choice of venue or hotel. Once approved, you may contact your chosen venues promptly to confirm your event requirements.


When promoting your event via email, we ask that you refrain from using “INTA” or “International Trademark Association” in a way that suggests that INTA is an official sponsor of your event. For example, we ask that you: 

  • Not use “INTA” or “International Trademark Association” in an email subject line unless the subject line also makes clear the name of the firm sponsoring the event.
  • Not use “INTA” as part of an RSVP or other email address.
  • Not use “INTA” in the name of a party or event (for example, please do not call your event “INTA Reception”)


This INTA meeting will be conducted in English.

 Persons with Special Needs

Accommodations are provided for those with disabilities and special needs. If you have a special need or a dietary restriction/request, or you are in need of auxiliary aids or services, please contact Tricia Simpson at

Maternity Lounge
INTA is pleased to provide a lounge for new mothers. If you require access to this space, please contact Tricia Simpson at

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