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AnticounterfeitingAccess to documents
Provisions should be included granting trademark owners prompt and reasonable access to relevant documents and information gathered by governments on counterfeiters for the trademark owners’ use in conducting private investigations or the filing of complaints to the courts or other government agencies
Committee 1United States; United KingdomExhibit 1
AnticounterfeitingCalculation and Procedures for Collection of Fines Against Counterfeiters
In order to increase the deterrent impact of fines, governments should develop calculation methods that lead to fines against counterfeiters commensurate to the harms caused by them; and impose sanctions, such as contempt of court, for failure of counterfeiters to pay such fines.
Committee 1ChinaExhibit 1; Exhibit 2
Abuse of Process
Some position
Committee 1Netherlands; Nicaragua; Hong KongExhibit 2
CancellationDeceptive Marks
South Africa; South KoreaExhibit 1