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Policy and Advocacy
Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)


INTA strongly supports the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) as an important international framework for stronger, TRIPs-plus enforcement against trademark counterfeiting.

 Why You Should Support ACTA

ACTA was negotiated by Australia, Canada, the EU and its 27 Member States, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland and the United States. All countries have signed ACTA except for Switzerland. Although the European Union's Parliament voted against ACTA on July 4, 2012, INTA encourages the remaining countries to sign ACTA and implement the trade agreement.

ACTA would be one of the first international agreements designed specifically to combat counterfeiting in a harmonized and coordinated way, which is absolutely necessary to fight the highly sophisticated counterfeiting networks spanning multiple countries. INTA supports ACTA provisions that call for:

  • higher standards and stronger cooperation on combating counterfeiting
  • stronger border enforcement especially with relation to goods in transit
  • more effective criminal penalties
  • stronger international cooperation between enforcement bodies of the signatory countries
  • increased cooperation between government and industry
In coordination with the International Chamber of Commerce’s Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting (BASCAP), INTA has led a group of national and international industry associations as the Business Response Group (BRG) to submit recommendations and comments to the negotiators on provisions for ACTA.

September 2012

On September 6, the Japanese legislature voted to ratified ACTA, making Japan the first signatory of agreement to successfully approve the agreement. See INTA press release.

July 2012
INTA joins more than 150 organizations in  encouraging Members of the European Parliament to support ACTA.

On July 11, the Mexican Ambassador to Japan takes the first step towards Mexico's ratification by signing ACTA.

February 2012
INTA joins 130+ organizations in an industry letter to  Members of the European Parliament and  National Governments to support ACTA.

INTA and ICC BASCAP launch "ACTA in the EU: A Practical Analysis," a  report that describes the benefits of ACTA and provides an overview of the function and legal framework of ACTA.

January 2012
INTA joins other industry groups in Europe in launching the joint paper on  Why You Should Support ACTA.

In a  joint letter, INTA and ICC-BASCAP encourage European Parliament President Martin Schultz to lead Parliament to quickly give its consent to ACTA.

Representatives from the EU and 22 EU Member States sign ACTA.

October 2011
Australia, Canada, Japan, Republic of Korea, Morocco, New Zealand, Singapore, and the United States sign ACTA.

June 2011
The European Commission formally adopts ACTA and sends it to the Council and European Parliament for final approval.  INTA and other organizations representing companies operating throughout Europe applaud the Commission's action.

May 2011
 Final ACTA Text released

February 2011
INTA submits  Response to U.S. Trade Representative's Request for Written Comments on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

November 2010
 INTA and BRG Comments on ACTA November 2010 Final Text

Negotiators release  ACTA Final Draft Text, subject to legal review

June 2010
 INTA and BASCAP Comments on ACTA April 2010 Draft;   Cover Letter

April 2010
INTA Press Release: Business Community Emphasizes Importance of ACTA

Negotiators release  ACTA Consolidated Text for Public Release

June 2009
 BRG Resonse to ACTA Summary of Key Elements

 BRG Submission to New Zealand and  Cover Letter

April 2009
Negotiators release  ACTA Summary of Key Elements

December 2008
 BRG Memo to ACTA Negotiators

October 2008
 BRG Memo to ACTA Negotiators

September 2008
 INTA and ICC BASCAP Joint Letter to Ambassador Schwab

July 2008
 BRG Memo to ACTA Negotiators

June 2008
 BRG Memo to ACTA Negotiators