Policy and Advocacy
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Policy and Advocacy


INTA PAC is INTA's political action committee.

Established by a Resolution of the Association's Board of Directors in 1999, INTA PAC furthers the interests of INTA and the trademark community through financial participation in the U.S. federal electoral process. 
Like any political action committee, the purpose of INTA PAC is to permit individuals with unified interests to collectively raise money which is then contributed to members of the U.S. Congress and individuals running for the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. Contributions are targeted to those who share the values and interests of INTA. PACs are a necessary tool for advocacy and political work in Washington, DC.

INTA PAC is nonpartisan and contributes to both Democratic and Republican candidates.

The PAC assists INTA staff in making key policy makers aware of the Association's views on important trademark and other IP-related issues. The PAC is nonpartisan in nature, that is, support is not based on party affiliation, but on the policy maker's interest and ability to affect IP-related legislation. The PAC receives contributions entirely from INTA members and uses all contributions for federal election campaigns.  Contributions from corporations and from non-U.S. citizens cannot be accepted.

The INTA PAC Reception is open to U.S. citizens and greencard holders who are officers and executives of INTA, non-corporate members of INTA, or who are affiliated with a corporate member that has given prior approval for INTA to solicit the company’s personnel. Corporate members may obtain prior approval by completing the prior approval form.

To learn more about prior approval for corporate INTA members, please contact Jennifer McDowell at

This information is not intended to be a solicitation of contributions from foreign nationals and contributions from corporations and from non-U.S. citizens.