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Policy and Advocacy
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ICM Registry, LLC, first proposed the .xxx top-level domain name (TLD) to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) in 2000 and reapplied for the domain in 2004 in response to ICANN’s request for proposals for new “sponsored” TLDs. While various advocacy groups opposed those proposals and ICANN initially rejected the idea of a .xxx TLD, the application was finally approved in March 2011 as a sponsored TLD intended for use by members of the “online adult entertainment industry”. 


During the “Sunrise Period” that begins on September 7, 2011, registrars for the new .xxx, or “dot triple x,” domain-name registry will begin accepting not only registrations for .xxx domain names from members within the sponsored community but also requests by trademark owners to reserve or block the registration of .xxx names that include their trademarks.

Following the Sunrise Period, members of the online adult entertainment industry will be able to register .xxx domain names in the “Landrush” stage from November 8 to November 25.

First-come, first-served registration begins on December 6 (the “General Availability” period), when anyone may register a .xxx domain name. During the General Availability period, members of the sponsored community can obtain standard domain name registrations, while non-members of the sponsored community can obtain modified domain name registrations that are not capable of resolving to websites.


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