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Madrid System

What is the Madrid System?

The Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks provides a means to simultaneously seek protection for a trademark in a large number of countries. It is simple, saves time and is cost-effective.

INTA's position

INTA strongly supports and encourages governments of WIPO member countries to take all action necessary to adhere to the Madrid Protocol. The Association encourages countries to optimize their trademark office operations under the harmonized registration procedures in order to reduce costs and other burdens for local and international trademark owners.

Through its advocacy strategy launched in 2006, INTA, in partnership with the USPTO, WIPO and other IP associations, has played a leading role in promoting the Madrid Protocol in Latin American countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua and Peru. INTA policy seminars conducted throughout the region have championed the advantages of joining the Madrid System, but also have helped identify some of the challenges that must be addressed by local authorities and IP stakeholders.

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