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Unreal Campaign


The Unreal Campaign

The Unreal Campaign is INTA’s consumer awareness initiative designed to educate young consumers (ages 14-23) about the importance of trademarks, brands, and the dangers of counterfeit products. The Campaign has successfully reached over 44,000 students directly since its launch in 2012.

With the help of 90+ INTA members, the Unreal Campaign Committee focuses on educating students through online and direct engagement initiatives in North America, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

The Campaign uses the following channels to reach its target audience:

Online Engagement:

Direct Engagement:

  • In-class outreach
  • Student engagement events
  • Participation at third party, youth-targeted events 

2020 Events

For a list of events from 2013 to 2019, please click here.

Contact Us

To learn more about the Unreal Campaign, please contact Catherine Shen at

Unreal Campaign 2020 Sponsors

Unreal Sponsors
Unreal Campaign – 2020 Sponsorship Opportunities

Help us spread our message about the dangers of purchasing counterfeit goods: become a 2020 Unreal Campaign Sponsor! 

To view Unreal Campaign sponsorship opportunities, please refer to our 2020 Sponsorship Brochure. If you are ready to become a sponsor, please complete this form.

Please direct all communications regarding Unreal Campaign Sponsorship opportunities to

Catherine Shen
Direct Phone: +1-212-642-1744