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Advanced Mediation Training



Due to popular demand, INTA is once again in 2011 offering Advanced Mediation Training, just in time to meet requirements for INTA's PON reappointment.

The training is designed for the Advanced mediation practitioner. If you have not taken a basic mediation training, please do not register for this program. Instead, consider the Basic mediation training that will be held prior to INTA's Annual Meeting in 2012.

Advanced Mediation Training
September 15-17

Grand Hyatt Washington
1000 H Street
Washington, DC, USA

US $1,500

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What Great Mediators Know: The Art of Persuasion

Basic mediation skills are widely taught and form a powerful set of techniques to help parties come to agreement.  Great mediators go beyond the basics; they constantly seek to apply advanced techniques drawn from the social sciences and time-honored principles of rhetoric. In this workshop, we'll study the art and science of persuasion. This advanced course features principles that hone one's skills of persuasion. Through interactive exercises, discussion and demonstrations, you will learn the basic principles of persuasion science, and their interplay with interpersonal relationships, positional bargaining, and difficult tactics. You will maximize your communication skills, and utilize emotional intelligence and positive psychology.

Students will work in groups of no more than six persons to learn through interactive exercises and role plays. A trainer will work continuously with each small group. Each student also will get hands-on experience as a mediator in a role play, with personal feedback from the group's trainer.

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