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Pre-Annual Meeting Roundtable and Reception

You are cordially invited to attend INTA's Pre-Annual Meeting Roundtable and Reception in Munich.

INTA’s Pre-Annual Meeting Roundtable and Reception are planned exclusively for you and your colleagues to learn more about the 2013 Annual Meeting in Dallas, TX. Bring a friend, co-worker, or prospective member to learn about this meeting and all the benefits INTA offers. We hope to see you there!

Wednesday, March 20

6:00 pm

Leopoldstr. 4
80802 Munich

Hosted by: Grunecker

Selected Problems with Regard to the Handling of Trademark Infringement Cases at District Court (Landgericht) Level

Lars Meinhardt, Presiding Judge at the District Court of Munich (Landgericht München) at the 33. Civil Law Chamber 

Lars Meinhardt will provide an overview on the handling of preliminary injunctions by the 33rd Civil Law Chamber. He will also go into detail as to which practical effects the TÜV Decisions of the German Supreme Court have. In case there is enough time, Lars Meinhardt will share his view on the cost reimbursement of patent attorneys' fees in connection with cease and desist letters. 

Why you should attend:

  • Exchange valuable learning experiences and success stories about the Annual Meeting.
  • Network and meet new professionals with a common interest in trademark law.
  • Mingle with friends and peers over hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.

To confirm your attendance, please RSVP by Monday, March 18.