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Design Protection Conference


Obtain the latest information from IP professionals and design experts on protecting trade dress, industrial designs and copyrights at this advanced-level conference. 

Radisson Blu Falconer Hotel
Copenhagen, Denmark
September 10–11

Featuring welcome remarks by the Honorable Margrethe Vestager, Minister for Economic Affairs and the Interior of Denmark.

Every new product sold in the marketplace strives to convey a “wow factor” – to touch consumers in a way that stirs their emotions. This “wow factor” is created by the unique look or design of the product and its ability to communicate, at a glance, the reputation of the enterprise behind it. When successful, such design constitutes a huge competitive advantage that can result in increased sales, higher profit margins and greater market share.

These “appearance” attributes can be protected under the law as trade dress (i.e., the shape or configuration of a product), industrial designs and copyrights, the registration of which is as critical to success in the global marketplace as the attributes themselves. Any enterprise that does not integrate into its business strategy a plan for the timely acquisition, maintenance and management of such design rights may forfeit the very competitive edge it spent so much time, effort and money to create.

At this conference you will venture beyond the border of trade dress into industrial design rights and copyright. You will take an integrated look at these sometimes overlapping intellectual property rights as well as select issues unique to each, and gain a basic understanding of the most common protection systems, which—especially in the field of unfair competition law—may differ dramatically from one country to the next.

If you specialize in one area, you may see an opportunity to expand into another; if you already provide “one-stop shop” services you will enhance your knowledge and skills. All will enjoy the thought- provoking discussion among the speakers and with attendees about these very important areas of the law of intellectual property.

Attendees will receive practical guidance on:

  • Interplay Between Designs, Copyrights and Trademarks
  • Creating Designs – Looking Towards the Future
  • Functional Design and Artistic Expression
  • The Value of Design Innovation in Consumer Products from a Product Development and Economic Perspective
  • The Hague System and Community Designs – The How, When, Where, Why (and Why Not?)
  • Enforcement of Designs
  • Complex Legal Issues in the Area of Designs
  • Highlights of European Case Law
  • Look-Alikes and Trade Dress Protection

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