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Past Events - 2015

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January 6 – December 10Vail, Colorado, United StatesConference
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December 10 – December 11Rome, ItalyConference
December 9Kiev, UkraineRoundtable
November 29 – December 2Cartagena, Colombia
November 26Manila, the PhilippinesRoundtable
November 17 – November 20Panamá City, PanamáLeadership Meeting
November 12Sofia, BulgariaRoundtable
October 30SingaporeRoundtable
October 22Toronto, Ontario, CanadaRoundtable
October 21Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaRoundtable
October 20 – October 22Barcelona, SpainSeminar
October 19 – October 30Various U.S. citiesRoundtable
October 16 – October 19Haikou, ChinaConference
October 14San Francisco, California, USARoundtable
October 13 – October 15Alicante, SpainTMAP Meeting
October 2Seattle, Washington, USARoundtable
September 30Barcelona, SpainReception
September 29Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USARoundtable
September 28 – October 9Various U.S. citiesRoundtable
September 26San Francisco, California, USASeminar
September 23Birmingham, United KingdomConference
September 22Colorado Springs, Colorado, United StatesSeminar
September 21Milan, ItalyRoundtable
September 16Houston, Texas, United StatesRoundtable
September 9Toronto, Ontario, CanadaRoundtable
September 8 – September 9Alicante, SpainConference
August 25 – August 26SingaporeConference
August 18Santiago, ChileRoundtable
August 12Sydney, AustraliaRoundtable
July 14 – August 5Various U.S. citiesRoundtable
July 13 – July 24Various U.S. citiesRoundtable
July 10New York, New York, USARoundtable
July 10Rio de Janeiro, BrazilReception
July 8Stuttgart, GermanySeminar
June 25Phoenix, Arizona, USARoundtable
June 8 – June 19Various U.S. citiesRoundtable
June 4New York, New York, USAConference
June 2Boston, Massachusetts, USARoundtable
May 22Copenhagen, DenmarkReception
May 14New York, New York, USASeminar
May 12 – May 14La Jolla, California, United StatesConference
May 5 – December 31Your ComputerE-Learning
May 2 – May 6San Diego, California, USAAnnual Meeting
April 17Vienna, AustriaReception
April 16Amsterdam, NetherlandsReception
April 14Bogota, ColombiaReception
April 13 – April 15IsraelSeminar
April 6Buenos Aires, ArgentinaReception
March 26 – March 27Tokyo, JapanConference
March 24Chicago, Illinois, USAReception
March 24Paris, FranceRoundtable
March 20Rome, ItalyRoundtable
March 20Beijing, ChinaRoundtable
March 19Milan, ItalyReception
March 19Denver, ColoradoRoundtable
March 18 – March 20London, United KingdomConference
March 16 – March 27Various U.S. citiesRoundtable
March 12Zurich, Switzerland Reception
March 12Pretoria, South AfricaReception
March 12Warsaw, PolandReception
March 12Moscow, Russian FederationReception
March 10New York, New York, USAReception
March 10 – March 11New York, New York, USAConference
March 4Rio de Janeiro, BrazilReception
March 3Stockholm, SwedenReception
February 27Istanbul, TurkeyReception
February 26Los Angeles, California, USAReception
February 26San Francisco, California, USAReception
February 26Miami, Florida, USAReception
February 24London, United KingdomConference
February 17Lima, PeruRoundtable
February 17 – February 27Various U.S. citiesRoundtable
February 10Paris, FranceReception
February 6Beijing, ChinaRoundtable
February 6New Delhi, IndiaConference
February 3Your ComputerE-Learning
January 29Alexandria, Virginia, USASeminar
January 23Vienna, AustriaReception
January 22Beijing, ChinaSeminar
January 22Beijing, ChinaReception
January 21Beijing, ChinaSeminar
January 20 – January 31Various U.S. citiesRoundtable
January 14Beijing, ChinaRoundtable
January 14Shanghai, ChinaRoundtable
January 8Alexandria, Virginia, USASeminar
January 1 – December 31Your ComputerE-Learning
January 1 – December 31Your ComputerE-Learning
January 1 – December 31Your ComputerE-Learning