Career-Related Surveys
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Career-Related Surveys
2009 Law Firm Survey

In September 2009, INTA conducted the first online survey to 9,995 active law firm representatives with a 10% response rate. The primary objectives of the Law Firm Survey were to:
  • Survey the largest group and cross section of active law firm representatives.
  • Collect professional and business demographic information from law firm representatives.
  • Establish law firm members’ satisfaction with current INTA benefits, services and priorities.
  • Learn what other areas INTA can expand our services to better meet the needs of law firms.
The survey questions, responses and analysis will assist INTA’s leaders, Law Firm Committee and staff to identify new benefits, services and programs geared toward Law Firms that align with the 2010-2013 Strategic Plan.

The survey contained 47 questions with various sub-questions throughout, which were organized into 8 categories: Demographics, Meetings Fee Structure, Programming, Networking, Leadership Opportunities for Associate Members, Firm Marketing, Advocacy/Legislative/Policy, and Education and Resources.

Complete 2009 Law Firm Survey