March 20
An Important Update on the EU Observatory

Since its creation, INTA has been supportive of Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM)’s European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights (Observatory).

​Working Group Meetings

The Observatory Working Groups were created following proposals received from stakeholders and are used extensively by the Observatory in guiding the implementation of projects included in their work program. During the last week of February, INTA participated in the five Observatory Working Group stakeholders meetings: Enforcement, IP in Digital World, Legal, Public Awareness, and Statistics & Economics. Representing INTA at these meetings were INTA Observatory Task Force Leader Elio De Tullio (De Tullio Partners, Italy), María González Gordon (GÓMEZ-ACEBO & POMBO Abogados, S. L. P.; Spain), Jeremy Newman (Rouse, UK), Christina Sleszynska (INTA Staff) and John Anderson (Pakharenko Partners, UK). The working groups meet twice a year and collaborate on a vast number of projects across the five groups.
Enforcement Database
One of the Observatory projects, the Enforcement Database (EDB) is a free web-based tool that facilitates collaboration between IP right holders, customs and police. It allows right holders to upload data on their IPRs, along with contact information and product details, making it easier for authorities to identify counterfeits and take action.

The staff at the Observatory recently concluded a roadshow visiting customs of all 28 Member States to raise awareness among the European customs authorities on the EDB. So far 23 customs authorities have access to the EDB with the remainder coming online very soon. The Italian Guardia di Finanza became the first police authority to have access the tool.

This means that the EDB users on the enforcement side are ready, and right holders are now encouraged to join insign up, create accounts and enter their product information. Please help us to spread the word to all stakeholders, and invite them to join the EDB. Click here to create an account and watch this short video presenting the EDB for more information. Observatory staff will be at the OHIM booth 2015 INTA Annual Meeting to answer your questions.
Study of the Economic Impact of Infringement in the Cosmetic and Personal Care Sector
Part of the Observatory mandate is to provide evidence-based data on the impact, role and public perception of intellectual property in the economy of the European Union. On March 10, 2015, following the release of the study “Intellectual property rights intensive industries: contribution to economic performance and employment in the European Union”, the Observatory launched its first sectorial report on the economic cost of IPR infringement, covering the cosmetic and personal care sector. In line with its mandate, the Observatory has started to evaluate the negative impact of counterfeiting and its consequences for legitimate businesses, governments and consumers, and ultimately society as a whole. Results from this first study pave the way towards quantification of the scope, scale and impact of IPR infringements in the European Union, and will be followed by a dozen further sectorial studies. Some highlights of this study include:
  • 7.8 % of sales lost by the sector due to counterfeiting
  • €4.7 billion of revenue lost annually by the sector
  • €4.8 billion of sales lost in related sectors
  • 51 561 direct jobs lost
  • 78 959 direct and indirect jobs lost
  • €1.7 billion of government revenue lost (social contributions and taxes)

The link to the full study is available here.

For more information about the Observatory and INTA’s participation in its activities, please contact Maysa Razavi, INTA Anticounterfeiting Advisor, at



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