June 01
INTA Hosts International Delegations in New York City

Over the past couple of months, INTA has hosted multiple delegations at our headquarters in New York City. INTA is part of a selective list of professional organizations that receive international officials participating in the State Department’s International Leadership Program (IVLP).

The first of these delegation visits took place on April 23, 2015, with two officials from Kosovo: Mr. Valon Kashtanjeva, Director of Copyright and Related Rights Office, Head of Task Force Against Piracy and Counterfeiting, Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Sport; and Ms. Sadije Topojani, Head of IPR Sector, Customs. Mr. Kashtanjeva and Ms. Topojani spoke with INTA staff about anticounterfeiting, the inter-workings of INTA, the training of judiciary officials, and customs seizures. The Europe Representative Office also participated via video conference and gave a presentation on INTA activities in Europe. The Kosovar officials warmly welcomed further collaboration with INTA and passed on information to the Kosovo IPO. 
Kosovo Delegation, April 2015kosovo delegation 060115.jpgBruce MacPherson, INTA; Gabriel Torres, INTA; Valon Kashtanjeva, Copyright ad Related Rights Office; Kathryn Badurya, INTA; Sadije Topojani, Customs; Maysa Rasavi, INTA; Sal Gashi, State Department.
 On May 14, INTA hosted a delegation visit from Kazakh officials. Representatives from the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan engaged with INTA staff in a lively discussion on the Eurasian Economic Union, Free Trade Agreements, anticounterfeiting and RFID (radio-frequency identification) chip technology. Attendees included: Mr. Askar Kyssykov, Expert, Department of Economic Integration, National Chamber of Entrepreneurs; Mr. Zhaslan Azenov, Head of Foreign Trade, Negotiations Division, Department of Foreign Trade of Ministry of National Economy; Mr. Madi Sarsenov, Chief Expert, Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of National Economy; and Mr. Aman Suleimenov, Expert, Secretariat of Agribusiness Committee, National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan.
Kazakhstan Delegation, May 2015
kazakhstan delegation 060115.jpg
Seth Hays, INTA; Bruce MacPherson, INTA; Zhaslan Azenov; Ministry of National Economy, Madi Sarsenov, Ministry of National Economy; Askar Kyssykov, National Chamber of Entreprenuers; Aman Suleimenov, National Chamber of Entrepreneurs; Gabriel Torres, INTA; Maysa Razavi, INTA
On May 18, INTA greeted a large delegation from China to its New York headquarters. Eight lawyers, accompanied by two translators, listened to INTA members Dolores DiBella (NFL) and Chris Turk (VF Brands) present on anticounterfeiting in China and litigation issues that corporations face in China. The Chinese delegation found the brand owner’s perspective enlightening and appreciated the local touch by Seth Hays, who hosted the event in Chinese. INTA CEO Etienne Sanz de Acedo brightened the faces of the visitors by detailing why China is important to INTA and ended with a well-received thank you in Chinese. Chinese attendees included: Ms. Zhou Changyi, Lawyer, Jingguo Law Firm; Mr. Huang Fulong, Partner and Lawyer, Shengtang Law Firm; Mr. Liu Chunwei, Assistant Director, Zhou Li Tai Law Firm; Mr. Li Yan, Lawyer, DeHeng Law Offices; Ms. Yao Yanjiao, Program Office Director; Zhicheng Legal Aid Center for Migrant Workers; Mr. Zhang Bin, Director, Division of Legal Affairs and Information, Office of the State Council Leading Group on Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement, Ministry of Commerce; Mr. Zhang Zhenzu, Partner, King and Capital Law Firm; and Mr. Zhao Kexiang, Deputy Dean, Department of Intellectual Property (IP School of Law, Jinan University).
China Delegation, May 2015
china delegation 060115.jpg
Maysa Razavi, INTA, members of the China delegation, Etienne Sanz de Acedo, INTA, Seth Hays, INTA; Chris Turk, VF Brands; Dolores DiBella, NFL; discuss the benefits of INTA membership.  



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