June 04
Leadership Conversations—Lisa Lennon (Gilbert + Tobin)
Welcome to the next installment of Leadership Conversations, produced by INTA’s Leadership Development Committee. In this episode, we are featuring Lisa Lennon of Gilbert + Tobin in Sydney, Australia. A longtime volunteer and leader at INTA, Lisa is currently Chair of INTA’s Asia Pacific Subcommittee on Parallel Imports. Lisa tells all about how committee involvement not only helped her make connections but has kept her on the cutting edge of trademark practice.
If you are interested in participating, like Lisa, in an INTA Committee, please click here to apply for Committee Selection. One of INTA’s most important assets is the talented and dedicated group of member volunteers who serve on its Committees and Project Teams. Participation in an INTA Committee offers you a unique and rewarding opportunity to contribute to the advancement of the Association’s objectives, to network among your peers and to raise your visibility within the international trademark community. Applications are now being accepted until June 30, 2016.
Be sure to listen to Lisa’s story about her INTA involvement and how this has shaped her professional career:
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This Leadership Conversation podcast is also available online here.



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