June 09
INTA Plans Momentous Event: Engaging Members of the Indonesian Parliament, DGIPR, Universities, Judiciaries and Law Enforcement


Under the auspices of the Indonesia Directorate General of Intellectual Property, INTA and the Indonesian Intellectual Property Consultants Association (AKHKI) will co-host a Focus Group Discussion on the Indonesia Trademark Law Revision Draft. Organized by INTA’s Anticounterfeiting Committtee’s Asia-Pacific Subcommittee Chair, Kowit Somwaiya, and AKHKI’s President Citacitrawinda, this invite-only event in Jakarta, Indonesia, will bring INTA members together with important figures of Indonesian academia, government and law enforcement.

Indonesian officials have expressed great interest in attending the focus group discussion and in sharing their best practices for the protection of famous and well-known marks in in the Asia-Pacific region. The officials will consider the direction and objectives of the draft trademark bill as well as specific text in the bill, including enforcement/criminal sanction and litigation. The event demonstrates the close ties INTA has been building with DGIPR (Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights) and the value of INTA advocacy in the region.
INTA speakers include: Kowit Somwaiya, Chair of the INTA Anticounterfeiting Subcommittee for East Asia Pacific, ​Mr. Somboon Earterasarun, Chair of the INTA Trademark Office Practice Subcommittee for East Asia Pacific, Daniel Grief, Chair of the INTA Non-Traditional Mark Subcommittee for East Asia Pacific, Koji Murai, Member of INTA – JAPAN and Soh Kar Liang, Member of INTA.

For further information, please contact Seth Hays, Chief Representative, China, at and stay tuned to hear about the results of this planned historic event. 

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