June 12
Leadership Conversations—Ellen Shankman (Ellen B. Shankman & Associates)

Ellen Philly 6.11.15.jpgWelcome to the next installment of Leadership Conversations, produced by INTA’s Leadership Development Committee. In this episode, we are featuring Ellen Shankman of Ellen B. Shankman & Associates in Israel. Ellen began participating as an INTA volunteer in the days when the Associations’ Internet Committee juggernaut was just a budding Subcommittee. Ellen explains how she has found INTA leadership to be very much worth her time, effort and energy, and how working with colleagues in other jurisdictions has allowed her to showcase her own skills and develop business along with friendships.
It’s safe to say that INTA leadership includes the best and brightest in the trademark world. If you want to be included on that list, don’t forget to participate in INTA’s Committee Selection Application, which is now open until June 30, 2015. INTA encourages experienced Association leaders and first-time applicants alike to get to know the recently reorganized Committee Structure and to lend a hand in the process.

Please be sure to check the INTA Blog regularly, as we will be rolling out this series during the remainder of 2015. 

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This Leadership Conversation podcast is also available online here.



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