August 14
Profiles of Leadership – Michelle Renne

Michelle Renne 070215.jpg​Have you ever wondered what an INTA leader does? Or how a member got to where he or she is today? And what inspired them to become involved in INTA at a leadership level? 

Below, Michelle Renne, Senior Marketing Properties Specialist—Food Drinks, & Symbioscience at Mars, Incorporated, shares her perspective and advice on INTA leadership. Michelle has over 18 years of experience as a trademark paralegal. She has been involved with INTA since 1999 and today serves as the Chair of the Trademark Administrators Committee (TMA). Her advice to being a successful leader: “Be a good listener. Make decisions.”

She originally hails from Williamsburg, Virginia and currently lives in Springfield, Virginia. Michelle is the loving and doting Auntie of two lovely nieces, Kira (6 years old) and Eve (4 months old).

What is your secret/hidden talent?

I am a really good organizer. I attribute much of my personal and professional success to being able to organize, extract facts quickly, and come to a conclusion of what is needed for both professional and personal projects. Also, I am the queen of the spreadsheet.  I am very visual and can quickly identify where the differences are and what is needed. This is not something that you would know about me just from meeting me. You would have to work with me to know this. 

What do you love most about your job?

I love working with the business teams. In a law firm you deal mostly with in-house counsel. In my job at Mars, my client is the marketing team. I enjoy watching projects coming down the pike and witness parts of my contributions firsthand. I enjoy being able to add a business point of view to the legal process.

What is your number one recommendation for aspiring INTA Leaders?

Beyond getting involved, speak up. Don't be afraid. Don't stand in the shadows. I became a leader by accident simply because I was willing to show up, speak up and volunteer to accomplish tasks.

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