July 28
Committee Members—Join Us at INTA’s Leadership Meeting in Panama City

​For the first time in INTA history, the 2015 Leadership Meeting will be held outside of the United States. Panama City, Panama, will set the stage for a unique opportunity for attendees to discuss trademark issues and the globalization of commerce in one of the central hubs of global trade.

So let’s take a quick ride through the 2015 Leadership Meeting program. 

First of all, we know you wouldn’t want to miss an amazing Tour of the Panama Canal. This is a spectacular time to visit Panama, as the canal expansion project is expected to conclude in early 2016. This expansion will result in an increase in the canal’s annual capacity from 5 million to 21 million containers. At this year’s Leadership Meeting, the Keynote address will be delivered by Jorge Luis Quijano, Administrator of the Panama Canal Authority, who will provide insight into this important project. 

During the session The Impact of the Expansion of the Panama Canal on Trade and Brands, participants will learn more about the possible effects of the expansion on their businesses and the controls being developed as a result of the canal expansion. Moreover, attendees will explore the ways counterfeiters use the Free Trade Zone (FTZ) to disguise the true origin of goods through transshipment. The session will also cover how brand owners, national customs officials and the FTZ authorities can work together to enforce trademark rights. 

During the meeting, attendees will have the opportunity to learn from in-house practitioners and representatives from major companies. In the session Leading by Example: Being a Leader and Successful Entrepreneur with Your Brand, panelists will share their branding experiences and their insights into how they built successful brands. 

One question that we’re all wondering: What’s in Store for Intellectual Property Rights with Regard to the Free Trade Agreements in Latin America? Don’t miss the chance to hear from the Directors of IP offices in Latin America as they discuss the impact of the economic integration initiatives on intellectual property in their jurisdictions, as well as the role the offices are playing in developing IP policy.

Panama is a glamorous place to be, so be sure to attend The Business of Fashion—Brand Protection: Always and in All Ways, which will focus on trade dress rights, design rights and copyright in the fashion industry. Speakers will be sharing the best worldwide legal practices for implementing brand protection strategies in this area.  

Nowadays, What Every Trademark Practitioner Needs to Know About Anti-Corruption Laws is how these laws/regulations can influence trademark prosecution and enforcement practices;  thus, this Leadership Meeting session is offering participants the chance to learn about the most relevant aspects of anti-corruption laws throughout the world.

The (App)ealing to a Wired Audience: Trademarks and Mobile Advertising session will discuss the various kinds of challenges that brands are facing in the new digital environment—specifically, the shortcomings of the current Nice Classification dealing with the nuances in the mobile app space and the difficulties one encounters in identifying goods and services. 

As we all know, many counterfeit goods are manufactured in Southeast Asia, specifically in China; thus, the involvement of Customs Authorities in this region (and worldwide) is of the utmost importance. These authorities are a “first line of defense” in combating this illegal activity and in disrupting the supply chain of fake items. The sessions Trademarks Enforcement at Customs and A Comparative Analysis in the Latin and Central America Region will identify the main loopholes in counterfeit enforcement and will foster discussion regarding a suitable legal framework through which to enforce IP rights at the point of entry of most counterfeit goods around the world.

The Challenges of a Global Advertising Strategy within Regulated Markets are many, and facing these challenges has become crucial in today’s trademark framework. Consequently, it has also become necessary for practitioners to share their experiences of today’s global and domestic advertising landscape, as participants will do in this important session. 

Finally, INTA’s Leadership Meeting will bring together justices from Supreme Courts of the Latin American region to discuss the challenges of their respective jurisdictions, as well as the different IP-focused initiatives and developments taking place throughout their judicial systems. So be sure to attend Intellectual Property and the Judiciary: the Latin American Perspective for interesting insights from the judicial point of view.  

The four-day Leadership Meeting in Panama will provide participants with the opportunity to learn about IP-related hot topics, to network with their peers as well as with various IP officials and to wrap up important committee projects as the term comes to an end in December. 

Be sure to check out the educational opportunities, take note of your committee schedule​ and register for the Leadership Meeting today! 

See you in Panama!

Gerardo Muñoz de Cote Amescua and Susan Crane, Leadership Meeting Co-Chairs



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