July 31
Leadership Conversations—Rose Auslander (Carter, Ledyard & Milburn LLP)

Blog Image 073115.pngWhether you are just starting to consider committee involvement or you are looking forward to hearing your latest committee assignment in September, this podcast has something for you! In this episode of Leadership Conversations, from the INTA Leadership Development Committee, we will hear from Rose Auslander, a partner with Carter Ledyard & Milburn LLP in New York. Rose recounts her involvement with the INTA Publications Council and shares insights from her experience navigating through challenging and exciting transitions. She also spotlights what she feels are the most beneficial traits of leaders and the most effective tactics that leaders can use in times of change.

We hope you enjoy the podcasts, and the opportunity to hear insights from a few of the many leaders who drive committees, projects, roundtables and so much more at INTA.

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This Leadership Conversation podcast is also available online here.



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