July 30
“The Truth” About Counterfeit Goods – An Unreal Campaign Video

Unreal logo_073015.jpgTeens often regard purchasing counterfeit items as “no big deal.” In an effort to change this perception, The Unreal Campaign team created The Truth—the latest addition to the campaign’s video blog series—to help teenagers (the Unreal Campaign’s target demographic) appreciate that this is not a “victimless crime.” 

The Truth sets out to demonstrate some of the negative consequences of counterfeiting in a way that is relatable—and fun—to teenagers. This video shows a young woman who is clearly ignorant to the problems of buying counterfeit items and a friend who brings her up to speed. He describes the destructive effect of this illegal trade on the economy, jobs, and businesses, and how it is linked to child labor and organized crime. 

The video also explains the vast scope of the counterfeiting industry and how it’s not only about clothing and accessories, but can include items such as electronics, medicine, and automobile parts, and can be hazardous to our health and safety. Finally, the video demonstrates the poor quality and low standards of counterfeit goods. 

The Truth was shot in New York City in one day with a team of four, including two INTA Communications and Marketing interns, Brianna Connelly and Francisco Miranda, and two Pace University film students, Addison Casey and Greg Di Roma, who shot and edited this video. 

A big thanks to everyone who helped make this video a success. Enjoy!

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​This video is also availabile online here​.  




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