October 02
INTA speaks to French Anticounterfeiting Group CNAC in Brussels

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Christina Sleszynska speaking to the CNAC, with Senator Richard Yung on her right and Michel Dieudonné, President of the International Cooperation Committee of CNAC on her left. Photo courtesy of Jean-Baptiste Mozziconacci, Director for Strategy and International Relations at INPI.​

On September 22, INTA’s Chief Representative Officer – Europe, Christina Sleszynska, met with Comité national anti-contrefaçon’s (CNAC) International Cooperation Committee to discuss current policy issues related to the fight again counterfeiting. CNAC is a French anticounterfeiting group comprised of public and private stakeholders and managed by the French IP office (INPI). 

On this occasion, CNAC invited INTA to provide its global perspective on the fight against counterfeiting, share its key policies and activities on anticounterfeiting, and to discuss the role of the Europe Representative Office in regards to INTA’s global strategy. After a short introduction about INTA—including INTA’s membership in France—Christina talked about the role of INTA’s Anticounterfeiting Committee and some of its top priorities, including: 

• How to address counterfeit goods in transit during the review of the EU Customs Regulation and the ongoing reform of the EU trademark system

• Online counterfeiting; and

• The Unreal Campaign

The presentation generated a lively discussion regarding the provisions on counterfeit goods in transit in the new EU trademark legislation and INTA’s position and activities on geographical indications.

INTA was delighted to meet with CNAC and the various institutions represented on the delegation including, French IP Office (INPI), customs, enforcement authorities such as the Gendarmerie Nationale, Union des Fabricants (UNIFAB) and major brand owners in France. 

For more information on INTA’s activities in Europe, contact Christina Sleszynska, Chief Representative Officer – Europe, at and follow the Europe Representative Office on Twitter @INTABrussels.



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