October 06
Take a Break from TMAP for Some Fun in Alicante!

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For the first time ever, INTA will be hosting the Trademark Administrators and Practitioners (TMAP) Meeting outside of the United States. This October, Alicante will be the setting for this exciting event. Enjoy a variety of educational sessions and networking opportunities, and then be sure to take time to explore this beautiful city in Spain. 

To help plan your trip, we’ve reviewed the top ten tourist attractions in Alicante:

1. Castillo de Santa Bárbara

Situated above the city of Alicante, this castle is open for self-guided tours by visitors. Tourists enjoy walking the castle hallways, learning more about the history of this structure and taking pictures of the breathtaking view. 

2. Museo de Bellas Artes Gravina (Museum of Fine Arts) 

Located in the historic center of Alicante, the Museum of Fine Arts includes art from the medieval period through the twentieth century. Famous works by such artists as Vicente Poveda, Ricardo Navarrete and Heliodoro Guillén are showcased. 

Basilica de Santa María 

Built in the thirteenth century, this basilica is the oldest church in Alicante. This piece of architecture was originally built in the Gothic style but was remodeled in the eighteenth century with a baroque façade and interior. This church is an architectural masterpiece as well as a historic treasure. 

4. Museo Arqueológico

Take a 100,000-year journey through Alicante’s archeological history. Don’t miss the Roman Exhibit or the re-creation of Roman daily life. This museum will definitely be a favorite of history lovers. 

5. Museo de Arte Contemporāneo (Museum of Contemporary Art)

Explore twentieth century Spanish art in the Museum of Contemporary Art. Since its opening in 2011, the museum has acquired works from Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí, Juan Gris and Julio González; the Juana Francés collection; and the Eusebio Sempere collection. 

6. Playa del Postiguet: A Beautiful City Beach

If the weather is nice, spend some time outdoors at this famous Alicante Beach. The turquoise blue waters and golden sand will make you never want to travel back home. There is also a promenade and park next to the beach so you can take a walk and explore the area. 

7. The Marina

The Alicante Marina is the place to find excellent restaurants and souvenirs for your friends and family. An afternoon visit to the marina will give you a taste of Alicante’s culture and a view of the beautiful water. 

8. Plaza de Gabriel Miró

This romantic square is dedicated to the famous Alicante author, Gabriel Miró. Located in the heart of the city, visitors can enjoy some quiet time while relaxing beside the beautiful fountain. 

9. San Juan Beach

Although six miles north of Alicante, this four-mile-long beautiful beach is easily accessible by bus or tram and is perfectly situated among great restaurants. There’s even an 18-hole golf course. It’s worth the trip!

10. Ayuntamiento (Town Hall)

This iconic Alicante building is situated near the Explanada de Espana and the Plaza Puerta del Mar. Open to the public during the day, Alicante’s Town Hall offers great views of the city. Fun fact: on the staircase leading up to the Ayuntamiento is an instrument used to measure the height above sea level in other parts of Spain. 



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