June 04
ICANN meets in Beijing to discuss the new gTLDs

Beijing’s traditional clay-tiled buildings juxtaposed against modern apartments provide a physical manifestation of the growth that takes place in this ancient city rooted in tradition and culture.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) held its 46th International public meeting in Beijing, China from April 8-11. Many important issues were discussed at the meeting, including ICANN’s decision to open offices in Istanbul and Singapore and the development of a new Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA). The hottest topic of the week though was the new gTLDs.

Attendees received an update on the progress of the new gTLD program from ICANN’s VP of gTLD Operations, Christine Willett. Ms. Willett recapped the status of the evaluation of applied-for strings and noted that ICANN’s Government Advisory Committee (GAC) was to provide advice to the ICANN Board on the new gTLD program. Following the consideration of the GAC Advice by the Board, ICANN intends to proceed with evaluating applications, technical testing, and contract negotiations, before new gTLDs go online.

Meeting participants also attended sessions discussing trademark rights protection mechanisms, particularly those provided by registration with the Trademark Clearinghouse, and the redefined purpose and use of new gTLD registration data (or WHOIS information).

INTA continues to update its dedicated new gTLDs webpage to assist brand owners in navigating this complex issue. These resources consist of INTA publications and educational materials, as well WIPO’s and ICANN’s online resources, including links to the Trademark Clearinghouse database. To prepare for what is to be an unprecedented expansion of the domain name system, brand owners are encouraged to take advantage of these resources and deepen their involvement in INTA.

For any additional information on the new gTLDs, contact Claudio Di Gangi at

This blog post was written by Claudio Di Gangi, Manager, External Relations, Internet and the Judiciary & Kate Badura, External Relations Coordinator – Enforcement.



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