November 12
INTA Hosts International Delegations in New York City: Part 2

​In the weeks leading up to INTA’s Leadership Meeting, the Association hosted several delegations in their New York City headquarters. This isn’t the first time INTA has hosted international delegations at their offices, and most likely it will not be the last! 

Bangladesh, India and Pakistan Delegation

India Delegation_Oct 16_111215_600.jpg
On October 16, 2015, INTA hosted a delegation from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan that consisted of leading professors of biotechnology and intellectual property, trademark attorneys, chief technology officers from pharmaceutical companies and representatives of the Intellectual Property Office of Pakistan. This delegation visit reflected the ever-increasing interest in trademarks and intellectual property across the academic and business world. 

The impressive list of attendees included:  

  • Muhammad Haroon Khan (Lecturer, Islamia College, Peshawar)
  • Hina Allauddin (Lecturer, Law College, University of Peshawar)
  • Ramesh Bhat (Professor of Biotechnology, University of Agricultural Sciences in Karnataka, India)
  • Haroon Dugal (Partner, RIAA Barker Gillette, Lahore, Pakistan)
  • Humaira Shakeel (Assistant Director, IPO, Pakistan)
  • Umma Salme Raza (Representative, IPO, Pakistan)
  • Faez Ahmed (Manager, International Regulatory Affairs, Incepta Pharmaceuticals)
  • Mahendrakumar Dhanpal Kolhatkar (Associate Manager, Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Co.)
  • Sabuhajit Saha (Representative, Confederation of Indian Industries)
  • Jacquelyn Costa (Liaison, United States Department of State)
  • Anil Mehta (Liaison, United States Department of State) 

The group actively engaged with INTA India Consultant Gauri Kumar about the many new exciting activities planned for our new office in Gurgaon, India. INTA staff presentations prompted further discussions about anticounterfeiting, pharmaceutical advances, geographical indications and the expansion of INTA in the South Asia region. 


Shanghai, China Delegation 

Asia Delegation_111215_600Blog.jpg
On November 6, 2015, INTA greeted a large delegation from Shanghai, China, to its New York City headquarters. The delegation visited INTA in partnership with Triway International Group, which has previously hosted a number of Chinese delegations at the Association’s offices. The delegation, which consisted of 17 attendees, was welcomed by Luchen Peng (Membership, INTA) and Seth Hays (Chief China Representative, INTA), who broke the ice by sharing that they had just returned from Shanghai a couple of weeks before as part of another INTA delegation. The Shanghai delegation discussed how local officials can work with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and brand owners to stop the crime of counterfeiting. 

This conversation was especially pertinent because the group was from the Shanghai Commission Office for Public Sector Reform. The Commission Office of Public Sector Reform has a very important function in maintaining fair and effective commerce and safety in each district of the Shanghai metropolis.  

Shanghai attendees included:  

  • Chen Yi Yuan (Division Chief, Commission Office for Public Sector Reform of Shanghai Municipality)
  • Liu Xilai (Division Chief, Pudong New District Commission Office)
  • Fei Wenjun (Deputy Director, Huangpu District) 
  • Chen Jialing (Section Chief, Xuhui District Commission Office) 
  • Huang Ping (Deputy Director, Zhabei District Commission Office) 
  • Tang Jianyun (Deputy Director, Yangpu District Commission Office) 
  • Jin Biao (Deputy Director, Minhang District Commission Office) 
  • Lu Quin (Director, Baoshan District Commission Institution Registration Management Center)
  • Zhao Linhua (Deputy Director, Jianding District Commission Office) 
  • Li Jinlong (Director, Jinshan District Commission Office) 
  • Xu Yuan (Deputy Director, Songjian District Commission Office) 
  • Lu Zhibin (Qingu District Commission Office) 
  • Hong Ping (Director, Fengxian District Commission Office) 
  • Gong, Yumeri (Deputy Director, Chongming County Commission Office)
  • Wang Jianbo (Senior Staff Member, Cadre Personnel Department, Shanghai Administration for Industry & Commerce) 
  • Tang Jianping (Associate Consultant, Cadre Personnel Department, Shanghai Administration for Industry & Commerce)



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