November 14
INTA Hosts “Trademark on the Silk Road” Panel at China Trademark Festival / INTA在海口中国国际商标节办“丝绸之路上的商标”分论坛

​On October 18, INTA hosted “Trademark on the Silk Road” panel at the 7th China Trademark Festival in Haikou, China. INTA CEO Etienne Sanz de Acedo and China Trademark Association Deputy Secretary General XIAO Yun gave opening remarks on the importance of brand protection and anticounterfeiting under the Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime SkilRoad economic initiative. Chinese government officials WANG Dingbang, YAN Shi and ZANG Baoqing introduced Chinese efforts on trademark law and registration, and INTA Members Kowit Somwaiya (LawPlus, Thailand), Denis Voevodin (Dentons, Russia), Motasem Abu-Ghazaleh (AGIP, UAE) and Pravin Anand (Anand and Anand, India) gave informative talks on issues related to trademark registration and protection in jurisdictions along the Silk Road. 

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This four day China Trademark Festival was organized by China Trademark Association and Haikou People’s Government. Hundreds of brand owners, trademark practitioners and government representatives attended the event, which makes it the largest and most influential trademark related event in China. INTA delegation including President-elect Ronald Van Tuijl, CEO Etienne Sanz de Acedo, former Board member Susan Crane, Chief China Representative Seth Hayes and Luchen Peng from Membership attended this Festival. The delegation was able to meet with the President of China Trademark Association Liu Fan in Haikou. This meeting reinforced the mutual goal of brand and trademark protection and also raised close collaboration plans in the near future.

INTA’s “Trademark on the Silk Road” panel discussed the impact of “One Belt One Road” grand strategy on trademark. The strategy was brought forward by President Xi in 2013; it aims at enhancing cooperation among Europe, Asia and Africa, establishing cultural communication and political trust. An estimate of 60 countries will be included in the strategy, and under the more connected economic and commercial ties, trademark registration and protection policies in different jurisdictions will greatly impact brand owners who are trying to expand overseas. About 100 people attended the panel, and attendees gave positive feedbacks commenting that it was very helpful to learn about trademark laws and anticounterfeiting efforts in different jurisdictions.   

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10月18日,国际商标协会在海口举行的中国国际商标品牌节上举办了“丝绸之路上的商标”分论坛。国际商标协会的首席执行官 Etienne Sanz de Acedo还有中国商标协会的副秘书长肖芸女士致开幕词,他们强调了品牌保护以及打击假冒伪略产品的重要性。青海省工商行政管理局王定邦局长,国家工商总局商标局闫实副局长和国家工商总局商标评审委员会法律事务处臧宝清处长分别介绍了中国的商标政策,INTA会员Kowit Somwaiya (LawPlus, 泰国), Denis Voevodin (Dentons, 俄罗斯), Motasem Abu-Ghazaleh (AGIP, 阿联酋)和Pravin Anand (Anand and Anand, 印度)分别介绍了“丝绸之路经济带”及“21世纪海上丝绸之路”战略政策沿路国家的商标注册及保护政策。

为期四天的第七届中国国际商标品牌节是由中华商标协会和海口市人民政府主办。国际商标协会派代表团包括2016年主席Ronald Van Tuijl, 首席执行官Etienne Sanz de Acedo,前董事会成员Susan Crane,中国首席代表Seth Hays,以及会员部 Luchen Peng出席。此次代表团也有幸能与中华商标协会会长刘凡进行会面。会面重申了两个协会对于品牌及商标保护的共同目标,并提出了未来更加密切的合作计划。


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