June 11
“Learning from the Best in the Field”—INTA Scholarship Winners Share Their Annual Meeting Experiences

In 2012, INTA began offering scholarships for student members of the Association to attend the Annual Meeting. The Academic Committee chooses five scholarship winners based on the students’ applications and essays.

The five student winners are given a travel stipend and free registration for the Annual Meeting, where they attend sessions, network and assist INTA staff in carrying out the Association’s biggest yearly event. This year, the scholarship winners were part of a panel that discussed their views on what students expect from their IP adjunct professors.

P1060071.JPGPictured in Dallas are scholarship winners (L-R) Irene Chang, David Mayer, INTA Member Lawrence Nodine (Ballard Spahr LLP, USA), Nicholas Hoeffler, Nancy Brigham and  Mariia Tymofiienko.

Some of the 2013 winners share their experiences:

Irene Chang, Washington University in St. Louis School of Law, Missouri (USA)

I was fortunate to be able to participate in the panel “What Do Students Expect from Their IP Adjunct Professors?” held by the Adjunct Professors Special Interest Group. The professors not only guided us throughout the preparation of the panel but also gave us wonderful advice on becoming more involved with INTA. It was certainly a privilege to work with and learn from the best in the field. I met several adjunct professors in the days following the panel discussion and was pleased to learn that our input assisted them in designing their own courses.

Another important event was Career Day. The seminars and activities gave us a good understanding of various paths within the trademark profession and provided us with useful tips on how to develop a career in trademark law. The Career Day Speed Networking session and Happy Hour were great networking platforms because they were tailored for students, and the attendees were very generous in offering their career guidance and in connecting us to potential job leads.

I could write pages and pages about what I learned from the Annual Meeting, but in short, getting to know these wonderful people has inspired me, set up road maps for my career and reaffirmed my pursuit of a career in trademark law.

Mariia Tymofiienko, Queen Mary College, London (UK)

I was amazed at the interest in our panel, the active discussion and the questions that we received from the audience, which showed that professors were interested not only in hearing our opinions but also in actually learning from the students. As volunteers, we were also invited to assist at the INTA Gala dinner, Table Topics and Speed Networking, which were great opportunities to get involved in INTA activities and develop networking skills.

I’ve learned that INTA is a microcosm of trademark lawyers from all over the world who together help shape the future of IP and trademarks globally. Over five days I was able to interact with members of international IP firms, learn a wealth of information on IP law and trademark developments and meet valuable contacts.

My next goal is to participate in INTA’s Academic Committee and to attend upcoming INTA events, which I believe will help boost my career as an IP and trademark lawyer.

David Mayer, Emory University School of Law, Atlanta, Georgia (USA)

What struck me most about my first INTA Annual Meeting was the friendliness of the people. Once the initial excitement of being selected for one of the scholarships subsided, I became worried about attending a meeting where I would know so few people. That concern proved unfounded, as attendees and INTA staff alike welcomed me and the other scholarship recipients with open arms. We were ushered to reception after reception and were given the opportunity to speak with people whom we would otherwise not likely meet.

Having attended, I now feel like I am part of a club—one that I hope to be an important member of for many years to come. I am so appreciative of INTA’s providing me this opportunity and so thankful to the many attendees who made my first Annual Meeting the amazing experience it was.

Nancy Brigham, Stetson University College of Law, Tampa Bay, Florida (USA)

What a wonderful experience it was to be a panel member with the Adjunct Professors Special Interest Group at this year’s Annual Meeting and to have had the privilege of assisting at other events, such as Speed Networking sessions and the Gala!

You often hear about the great networking opportunities that abound at the Annual Meeting, but when you are involved in INTA activities you can make friends even before you arrive at the meeting site. I got to know many INTA staff as well as my fellow students during the conference preparations. With all our panel preparations—from e-mail correspondence to conference calls and Skype sessions—we felt like we knew each other well by the time we all got to Dallas. And if you saw us there, you would have thought we’d been friends for years!

We became a close-knit group throughout our days in Dallas, which made the Annual Meeting that much more enjoyable. In addition to participating in our panel, we jointly attended Career Day seminars, enjoyed meals together and went to receptions as a group—although we did mingle and meet many new people at the various functions as well. This enabled me to experience a wide variety of Annual Meeting events without getting lost in the crowd.

So if you want to get the most out of the Annual Meeting, especially as a student, I urge you to get involved with INTA!



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