December 15
AT&T and Dell Provide Insights at INTA’s Third Industry Training Seminar at IMPI

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On October 15, 2015, INTA members from AT&T and Dell and members of INTA's Government Officials Education and Training (GOET) Committee met at the Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Industrial (IMPI) in Mexico City for the third annual INTA/IMPI Industry Training Program. Also in attendance were IMPI examiners and leaders from the Trademark and Enforcement Departments. The purpose of this training program was to discuss recent developments and issues in the e-communications and telecommunications industries.  

GOET Committee leadership worked with IMPI to find speakers with relevant personal experience in the e-communications and telecommunications industries to educate the trademark examining corps on recent industry developments and to discuss prosecution issues facing mark owners. Troy Hatch (AT&T Services General Counsel of Mexican Operations), David Cho (AT&T Services, Inc. , USA), Sanjiv Sarwate (Dell Inc., USA) and Phil Hampton (Haynes and Boone LLP and former USPTO Commissioner of Trademarks, USA) provided presentations and answered questions from IMPI senior staff.

The day began with IMPI's Mónica Villela Grobet (General Adjunct Director of IMPI for Adminnstrative Services) welcoming the speakers and thanking INTA for coordinating the program. GOET Committee Vice Chair Vianey Romo de Vivar Guiterrez (Cervera & Romo de Vivar, Mexico) introduced the program and its moderator—Jeff Becker (Haynes and Boone, USA)—who then introduced the speakers and served as Master of Ceremonies.

Following the presentation of the speakers, Michael Lewis (USPTO’s Intellectual Property Rights Attaché for Mexico) led a spirited question and answer session where the panelists provided personal insights and opinions on a wide variety of questions from IMPI senior staff and the examining corps.

The speakers and GOET Committee members attending also had an opportunity to discuss issues and share views with IMPI Leadership at a lunch meeting following the presentations and at an INTA hosted reception at the end of the day.

Feedback from IMPI was very positive, and initial planning for next year's industry training program has already begun. Continuing to build on INTA's Industry Training Program with the USPTO and OHIM, and in addition to the 2013 Memorandum of Understanding between INTA and IMPI, INTA is proud to have expanded the IMPI program and looks forward to adding more Trademark Offices to the program in coming years.



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