February 02
INTA Roundtable in Taiwan: “The Impact of IP Court on Trademark Right Enforcement in Taiwan”

On December 1, 2015, INTA held a roundtable titled “The Impact of IP Court on Trademark Right Enforcement in Taiwan” in Taipei, Taiwan. The event, organized by INTA’s Anticounterfeiting Committee’s East Asia & Pacific Subcommittee and sponsored by the Taipei Bar Association, was attended by more than 70 of Taiwan’s most prominent trademark practitioners and professionals.

The event started off with an introduction from the Director General of the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO), Ms. Wang Mei-Hwa. Because of her extensive knowledge of the IP Court’s operations during its seven-year history (it officially opened on July 1, 2008), Ms. Wang discussed a variety of trademark dispute cases and how the IP Court’s rulings in these cases affect TIPO’s examination and practice criteria. Furthermore, Ms. Wang shared TIPO’s observations regarding the positions of foreign courts in terms of the determination of distinctiveness of nontraditional trademarks and the determination of likelihood of confusion in trademark disputes. Following this discussion, the Judge of the IP Court, Dr. Hsiung Sung-Mei, provided updated information on the recent developments of the IP Court, discussing the practical aspects of the functions performed by the IP court and the ways in which the Taiwan IP Court actively influences trademark practice. 

Subsequently, Dr. Ho Joyce, partner at Tsai & Tsai Law Firm, chaired the roundtable discussions. Members participated actively in the dialogue and were pleased to have the opportunity to learn more about the positive impacts of the Taiwan IP Court. 

INTA would like to thank Dr. Ho, for her assistance in organizing this event, as well as the Taipei Bar Association. For more information on the Anticounterfeiting Committee and INTA’s Anticounterfeiting activities, contact Maysa Razavi, INTA Advisor, External Relations, Anticounterfeiting, at 



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