February 23
The 2016 Annual Meeting Mobile App Has Launched!

The 2016 Annual Meeting Mobile App is now available online and from your mobile app store. The app works across all mobile, desktop, and tablet devices and is designed to be user-friendly for first-time app users. 

Get Started…

Step One: Download the App.

  • Smartphones and Tablets: Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search for “INTA 2016.”
  • Desktop and Laptop Computers: Click here to access the app via a web browser.

Step Two: Create a Username and Password.

  • When you first download the app, you will be prompted to create a username and password. 
  • The next time you use your app on the same device, you will not need to log in. 
  • However, when you download the app on other devices, you will need to log in using your username and password. 

Step Three: Take the Tour.

Once you log in, you will have the opportunity to take a tour of the app and learn about all of its various features. You can always return to this tour at any time by pressing the “?” button. 

Step Four: Explore and Customize!

As explained below, a number of features within the app are customizable. For example, you can build your schedule, take notes, etc.  

Note: Having created your username and password (Step 2 above), your customizations will be saved and will be accessible to you no matter what device you use to access to the app. 

What are the features of this year’s app?

  • ​Attendees: The attendee portal will be updated every day. If you register for the INTA Annual Meeting and do not see your name on the attendee portal, please wait 24 hours before contacting INTA. 
  • Schedule: The entire Annual Meeting program is available on the mobile app. The schedule highlights speakers, costs, and room numbers, which will be added once they become available. 
  • MyShow: Using this feature you will be able to view, build, and edit your meeting schedule, your in-app contact list, social itinerary, and notes. 
  • Speakers: See a full list of Speakers that will be at this year's Annual Meeting.
  • Orlando: Learn more about the exciting city of Orlando, Florida! This portal includes up-to-date information about restaurants, tourist attractions, current weather conditions, and much more. You can add items to your personal itinerary from this feature or from under “MyShow,” where you will see a link to “MyCity.”
  • Committees: View a full list of committee meetings. Please note room numbers will be added once they become available. 
  • Floor Plans: Reference the floor plans for the Orange County Convention Center to ensure you are never lost during the Annual Meeting. 
  • Sponsors​: A big thank you to this year's 2016 Annual Meeting sponsors. 
  • Exhibitors: A full list of the 100+ Exhibitors that will be attending this year’s Annual Meeting will be coming soon. 


The App will be updated periodically. We advise users to allow the app to update automatically on their devices. Once an update has been made, you will be prompted to hit the “Sync” button in the app.  


During the Annual Meeting, INTA may send out occasional push notifications to share important information such as room or schedule changes and to remind everyone about exciting happenings going on! Please choose “allow” to let the INTA Mobile App to send you push notifications in order to be up to date. 

What you waiting for? Click here now to download the app to your smartphone, tablet, or computer, or visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search “INTA 2016.” Enjoy!

Please note that the 2016 Annual Meeting Mobile App reflects the current time zone of the users' phone. Once you travel to Orlando, FL (USA) the app will automatically adjust to the correct time zone. 



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