April 20
The Unreal Campaign Visits Nicaragua

On April 13, 2016, INTA’s Unreal Campaign visited 100 students at Universidad Centroamericana UCA, for its first Student Engagement Session in Nicaragua. The event was organized by Orlando Cardoza (BLP Law Firm) with the support of Dr. Juan Bautista Arrien Somarriba, a law professor at the university. 

The presentation was more of a discussion with the students, who shared their ideas and perceptions about counterfeiting and intellectual property. Orlando Cardoza explained the general concepts of trademarks and counterfeiting and the role of IP as a generator of wealth and development. Orlando also gave the example of the national brand JINCHO, which in the past five years has become the first Nicaraguan clothing brand to compete with international brands. The participants learned how counterfeiting and a passive attitude toward this phenomenon constitute an obstacle to a brand’s success, especially in a developing country like Nicaragua.

Nicaragua_Unreal_Blog2_FINAL.jpgCarlos Zúñiga, from Joya de Nicaragua, a company that owns one of the very few Nicaraguan brands with an international presence, told the students about the 45-year history of this brand, and about his work in the creation and development of the CUATRO CINCO premium cigar brand. 

Finally, Silvia Sánchez, a criminal attorney, spoke about the regulations that protect brands in Nicaragua and the country’s Criminal Code penalties for counterfeiting.

The event encouraged students to follow a career path that would focus on IP and its role in the development of a country’s wealth, regardless of the size of the country’s economy. 

During the event, the students had the opportunity to compare original CUATRO CINCO premium cigars with corresponding counterfeit cigars, making this an exciting interactive experience for students.

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