May 21
Board of Directors Meeting in Orlando, Florida


I am excited to welcome everyone to Orlando and INTA’s 138th Annual Meeting. In addition to the Saturday educational events that kicked off the meeting, the Board also held its second meeting of the year.

As one of the first agenda items, the Board approved a revised draft of INTA’s Code of Policies, which is an evolving governance document meant to complement INTA’s Bylaws by codifying the general and permanent policies of the Association. 

Next, the Board heard from 2016 In-House Counsel Presidential Task Force Co-Chairs Jacqueline Leimer and Andrea Klein. They provided an update on their Task Force, “The Role and Position of In-house Trademark Professionals.” The Task Force’s primary objectives are to:

  • Research the position of in-house TM professionals, both from a career and company perspective. 
  • Assess whether in-house TM professionals are well positioned within their companies, whether there are any particular challenges or risks to being less influential within their own companies, and whether they have sufficient opportunity to further their careers.
  • Following this assessment, identify and suggest what INTA can do to provide support to in-house TM professionals in being more influential, improving their position and reaching their career goals.

We look forward to receiving the Task Force’s final report and recommendations later this year.

Next, the Board received an update on membership renewal. We are pleased to report that the first membership renewal that took place after the new dues restructure was implemented is going well. Members are taking advantage of the dues option that allows multiple offices of an organization to join INTA at a reduced rate.

Looking ahead to 2017, the Programming Advisory Council’s proposal for 2017 educational events was outlined and we are excited to be rolling out each of these events in the near future as locations and dates are finalized. 

Board members also were provided with an overview of the nominations process, which will also be covered for everyone in the Sunday edition of the INTA Daily. As a reminder, leadership and volunteers are encouraged to submit their nominations for 2017 Officers and Board of Directors by June 3 by accessing

Finally, the Planning Committee of the Board is already looking ahead to the 2018 -2021 Strategic Plan. In addition to engaging with a variety of stakeholders including those outside of the IP community in order to further the Association’s goal of building bridges, a focus group was held in the afternoon of the meeting to obtain the Board’s feedback. Focus groups are also being held in Orlando to obtain feedback from a diverse group of members. More details about the strategic planning process will also be included in the INTA Daily.

The first day of the Annual Meeting was a productive one for the Board and we look forward to the rest of the meeting being equally productive and enjoyable for everyone. 



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