July 05
Unreal Campaign Visits the Cayman Islands

My colleague Natasha Whitelocke (Head Paralegal, HSM IP) and I (Sophie Davies, Attorney, HSM IP) had a great time presenting INTA’s Unreal Campaign to a group of approximately 170 teenagers in ninth grade at Clifton Hunter High School’s morning assembly in Grand Cayman on Monday, June 27, 2016. With an updated Trade Marks Law on the horizon, this was the perfect opportunity to educate, empower, and encourage young adults in the local community about counterfeit goods in order to equip them to make smarter purchasing decisions.  

UnrealBlog_CaymanIslands_063016_2.jpgI kicked off the presentation by introducing the speakers and providing a bit of information about HSM IP, intellectual property, and INTA. After playing an Unreal Campaign video, I then went on to educate the students about trademarks and their purpose, focusing on their value to businesses and consumers alike. I gave some examples of famous international brands as well as local brands, such as Kirk, Fosters, and Hurley’s, which are all popular supermarkets in Grand Cayman.  

Natasha then went on to provide an introduction to counterfeiting, explaining how it affects the consumer as well as the local community. Natasha highlighted some of the key issues and things to look out for when making purchasing decisions. She showed an example of a counterfeit purse and compared it with an image of an authentic bag, which the students found eye-opening.

The students were shocked to learn about the differences in quality between authentic goods and lower-quality copycat items.  

According to feedback we received from the school, the students really enjoyed the presentation. All of the students interviewed said that they had learned something new and would think twice about the potential hazards before purchasing counterfeit goods in the future.  

Thank you to our Unreal Campaign Silver Sponsor, Tilleke & Gibbins. Are you interested in becoming a sponsor? Click here to learn more. 




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