July 08
INTA's Scholarship Winner Attends Annual Meeting: Surendran Subramaniam (Queensland University of Technology)

As one of the recipients of the INTA Student Scholarship 2016, I am extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to attend numerous world-class seminars and workshops at INTA’s 138th Annual Meeting and to have had the privilege of meeting a number of renowned academics in the field of trademark law. 

One particular workshop that stood out for me as a researcher was the “Trademark Scholarship Symposium,” which, I believe, was specifically created to benefit academics. At this workshop, scholars were offered the chance to present their academic papers in progress and to receive feedback from the other attending academics. The workshop sessions were especially beneficial in that the participants were divided into small groups, which enabled the discussions to take place in a highly informal, friendly, and stress-free manner. If given a chance next year, I hope to present a paper to the academics during this workshop at INTA’s 139th Annual Meeting. 

 Apart from that, I am also glad to have been given the opportunity to participate as a volunteer in INTA’s Unreal Campaign, which is the Association’s public awareness initiative designed to educate teenagers about the importance of trademarks and intellectual property and the dangers of counterfeit products. While manning the INTA Unreal Campaign booth at the INTA Annual Meeting 2016 Exhibition Hall with Laura Heery, INTA’s Unreal Campaign Coordinator, I was amazed to meet so many trademark law professionals from so many different countries who actively responded to the campaign and, notwithstanding their busy work life, offered to help INTA introduce the campaign in their respective countries.

Finally, I was particularly happy to have been given the chance to network with people from all over the world and, more importantly, to connect personally with people from countries to which I never imagined having such an inspiring connection. Thank you once again, INTA, for giving me this wonderful opportunity!

To learn more about the Annual Meeting Student Scholarships or Student Membership please contact INTA's Coordinator, Academic Programs, Kensey Cybul (



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