July 12
INTA’s Scholarship Winner Attends Annual Meeting: Kseniya M. Buck, University of Louisville Brandeis Schools of Law, Louisville, KY (USA)

After taking intellectual property classes for two years at law school, participating in the Saul A. Lefkowitz National Trademark Moot Court Competition earlier this year, and working on IP matters in the research and development department of a fast-growing company, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career that would allow me to work with trademark matters. When I found out that I was selected as one of five 2016 INTA Scholarship recipients, I was both honored and grateful. 

I am thrilled that was able to take advantage of so many IP-related opportunities while attending the International Trademark Association’s 138th Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida, this past May. 

At the Meeting I was able to meet and speak to countless numbers of successful trademark professionals. Many of the practicing attorneys provided useful insights into what the trademark law and IP landscape is all about. Some of the attorneys gave me very good career advice on how to break into this field and on how to become valuable for employers. They also discussed different career options available in the trademark field that I had never even heard about before! 

I also took the opportunity to attend many traditional educational and Q&A sessions presented by the world’s most experienced attorneys and most respected trademark law scholars. 

Although I found all of the sessions to be useful and, quite often, entertaining, I found the “Careers in Trademark Law: A Panel Discussion for Law Students (Career Development Day)” to be particularly practical in that it covered the principles of networking and also pointed out the abundance of options in a trademark-related career.

My other favorite sessions were “3D Printing and the Future (or Demise) of Intellectual Property,” “Pharma Industry Breakout: Marijuana and the Law: Branding, Marketing and Regulatory Issues,” and “Plain Packaging: Tobacco Today, Tacos and Tequilas Tomorrow.”  These sessions focused on special topics, highlighting the most recent regulations and trends, and predicted possible shifts in law to watch out for. I was pleasantly surprised at the depth of the coverage of each topic. These sessions gave me a different prospective on IP law practice in general. 

Also, at INTA’s Annual Meeting I was able to get involved with the Unreal Campaign, which raises awareness of high school students about the importance of trademarks and the harm caused by the counterfeit goods. 

Going to INTA’s 138th Annual Meeting was an unforgettable experience. In addition to networking with experienced attorneys and learning about the complexities of the most recent trademark law changes, I created what I’m sure will be lifelong friendships with many bright and motivated students and young attorneys across the globe who have the same interests as I do. I will cherish these memories for a long time. I will also never forget the experience of celebrating the Grand Finale at the Universal Studios with more than 10,000 of my peers. 

Finally, my participation in this Scholarship Program confirmed that my interest in trademark law is worth pursuing, regardless of the obstacles of a small trademarks market in Louisville, Kentucky. The Annual Meeting opened a door to a wonderful worldwide community of creative, witty, and very-hard-working professionals. 

I am grateful to the entire Scholarship Committee for choosing me as a 2016 INTA Scholarship recipient. And I am especially thankful to Kensey Cybul, INTA's Coordinator, Academic Programs, who made us feel welcomed, engaged us in the multiple events and provided support on a daily basis to all scholarship recipients. 

I hope I will be able to serve the IP community and give back to INTA very soon.

To learn more about the Annual Meeting Student Scholarships or Student Membership please contact INTA's Coordinator, Academic Programs, Kensey Cybul (



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