November 29
Unreal Campaign Exhibits at USPTO Trademark Expo

USPTOExpoBlog112816_V2.jpgOn October 21–22, INTA’s Unreal Campaign visited Washington, D.C., to exhibit at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) National Trademark Expo at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium. Kevin M. Haley, President of Category Management & Innovation from Under Armour, Inc., gave a presentation on the importance of trademark protection and its relation to the expansion of a brand. Over 26 exhibitors presented at the Expo to educate visitors on the connection between trademarks and everyday life.

USPTOExpoBlog112816.jpgDuring the Expo, the Unreal Campaign demonstrated the differences between real and fake products. With over 1,000 visitors on the first day alone, the Unreal Campaign was able to connect with consumers who would be directly impacted by the dangers associated with counterfeit products. This year, a special group of 400 local middle school students visited the Expo and learned exactly what a counterfeit was and why they should not purchase counterfeit products. Not only were visitors made aware of the economic impact of supporting counterfeits, but they were also educated on the health risks and physical dangers of using counterfeit goods. 

The Unreal Campaign is INTA’s public awareness initiative designed to educate teenagers (ages 14–18) on the importance of trademarks and intellectual property and the dangers of counterfeit goods. In 2016, the Campaign hosted almost 30 student engagement events and launched in 12 new countries. To find out more about the Unreal Campaign click here or contact Unreal Campaign Coordinator Laura Heery ( 



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