December 09
Unreal Campaign Visits Lagos Nigeria

​On October 25, 2016, the Unreal Campaign went to Ojodu Junior Grammar School, Ojodu Berger, on the outskirts of Lagos, Nigeria. 

Nigeria_blog_120516.jpgThe Unreal Campaign was invited by the Raji Olaniyi Oladapo Aponmade Foundation, which runs a school club that focuses on intellectual property. 

In attendance were Mr. Akeem O. Aponmade (INTA Enforcement Subcommittee member), Mr. Olumide Olorungbohunmi (A.O. Aponmade & Co.), Mrs. Adenike Olorungbohunmi (Executive Director, ROO Aponmade Foundation), and Mr. Dozie Ezeh (O. Kayode & Co.).

We first met with the school’s Vice Principal, Admin, Mr. D.O. Olawoyin, and the school’s Students Counselor, Mrs. O. Olatunde, who ensured that we had all the support we required. 

Mr. Olawoyin, Ms. Olatunde, and three other tutors—Mrs. Folasade Olaniyi and Messrs. Musa Jubril and Sokunbi—attended the Unreal Campaign presentation. Also attending were 57 students, ranging in age from 12 to 16 years old, who are members of the school’s 200-strong Intellectual Property Club.

Nigeria_blog_120516_V2.jpgWe commenced our presentation by introducing INTA and the work that the organization does to protect trademarks and other intellectual property rights. Two Unreal videos demonstrated the dangers of purchasing counterfeits as opposed to real products, and we educated the students on the importance of trademarks and dangers that counterfeits pose to them as consumers. 

The students had already been aware of many international brands but were surprised to discover the risks posed by the counterfeits of these brands. The highlight of the presentation was the quiz, which the students thoroughly enjoyed guessing between counterfeit and authentic products. Overall, our session was quite interactive. 

We reiterated the necessity of the students to follow the Unreal Campaign online.

Thank you to the Unreal Campaign sponsors, Tilleke & Gibbins, that help make these events possible. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, learn more here




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