December 16
Unreal Campaign Launched in Peru

On November 30, 2016, the Unreal Campaign made a presentation at Skinner School in Lima, Peru. This was the first time that the Unreal Campaign presented programs in Peru. Skinner School is a private school founded in 1983 that uses the learning method of Cognitive Emotional Learning. 

Both Mrs. Adriana Barrera, Unreal Campaign Committee member, and Mr. Jean-Carlo Costa, INTA member, conducted the presentation for an audience of 35 students ranging in age from 15 to 17 years old. The audience also included five Skinner School teachers.

The hour-long presentation included a display of the Unreal Campaign learning materials and three Unreal Campaign Spanish videos.

It was a productive morning during which students showed their interest in trademark protection and enforcement. Throughout the presentation, students asked many questions regarding trademark law, the protection of trademarks, and the ways in which counterfeiting goods and services are attacked and taken off the market. The presentation became a truly interactive session, during which teachers, students, and Unreal speakers involved themselves in a variety of valuable discussions. 

We were surprised to find that the students had little previous knowledge of trademark and other intellectual property rights, but we were impressed by the students’ eagerness to learn and by their quickness to grasp new ideas. 

Students and teachers also asked if this training would be conducted in other schools in the future, as they noted it would be important for all Peruvian teenagers to experience the Unreal Campaign program.

Finally, the presenters invited students to join and follow Unreal Campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Mrs. Ana Reyna, Skinner School academic coordinator, thanks the Unreal Campaign and the International Trademark Association for giving their students such a fruitful presentation.

We continue to present the Unreal Campaign learning materials in other Peruvian schools during 2017.

If you are interested in sponsoring or volunteering with the Unreal Campaign, please contact INTA's Coordinator Laura Heery ( Thank you to the 2016 Unreal Campaign Sponsors, Tilleke & Gibbins. 




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